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Cash 5 Bonus Bucks Drawing

5 Extra Chances To Win Up To $50,000!

The Carolina Cash 5 Bonus Bucks Drawing Promotion begins on September 9, 2012, and gives lottery players an extra chance to win when they purchase $5.00 on a single Cash 5 ticket.

How to Enter

To qualify, you must make a $5 purchase on a single Carolina Cash 5 ticket between Sept. 9, 2012, and July 17, 2013, either by:

  1. Selecting five sets of numbers on one play slip.
  2. Selecting one set of numbers and checking the Multi-Draw box for five draws.

An ENTRY slip will automatically be generated along with your $5 Carolina Cash 5 ticket. RETAIN THIS ENTRY SLIP.

The ENTRY slip has a 9-digit number which will be automatically entered in a Cash 5 Bonus Bucks Drawing. If your 9-digit number is selected, you win. This ENTRY slip must be presented when claiming your Cash 5 Bonus Bucks Drawing prize.


The North Carolina Education Lottery will conduct five (5) separate Bonus Bucks Drawings. Each drawing will award one (1) prize of $50,000, one (1) prize of $5,000 and three (3) prizes of $1,000.


The drawing schedule is listed below. Entries generated by or before a specific entry deadline will be included in the specified drawing. Entries generated after a designated entry deadline will be entered into the next available drawing.

Deadlines & Drawings
Draw # Entry Deadline Drawing Date
*The ENTRY DEADLINES provided represent the NCEL business day; actual ENTRY DEADLINE is 01:59:59 HOURS (EST) of the following calendar day. Drawing dates are subject to change at the sole discretion of the NCEL.
1 November 7, 2012 November 14, 2012
2 January 9, 2013 January 16, 2013
3 March 13, 2012 March 20, 2013
4 May 15, 2013 May 22, 2013
5 July 17, 2013 July 24, 2013

How Do I Claim My Winnings?

Drawing results (winning 9-digit numbers) will be posted on the NCEL website, or available through NCEL retailers, or the NCEL Player Hotline (877-962-7529).

Prizes in the Cash 5 Bonus Bucks Drawings must be claimed at NCEL Headquarters, any NCEL office, or by mail. A NCEL Winner Claim Form, proper identification (ID), and the original ENTRY slip must be provided for all Cash 5 Bonus Bucks Drawing claims. Proper forms of ID must verify: name, signature, age and Social Security number. If mailing, send required documentation to: NCEL, P.O. Box 41606, Raleigh, NC 27629-1606. The NCEL is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. The risk of mailing remains with the player. Prizes must be claimed within 180 calendar days of the specified drawing.

Promotion Rules and Information

  • Must be 18 to play and to participate in the Cash 5 Bonus Bucks Drawing Promotion.
  • Only valid Cash 5 ENTRY slips generated during the promotional period of 9/9/12 through 7/17/13 are eligible for the Cash 5 Bonus Drawings.
  • Entries are valid for one (1) drawing only based upon the established deadlines. Players may enter multiple times per drawing.
  • The purchaser of the $5 Cash 5 ticket shall be solely responsible for verifying, at the time of purchase, the accuracy, legibility and condition of the data printed on the Cash 5 ticket and the automatically generated Cash 5 ENTRY slip.
  • The NCEL may declare a Cash 5 ticket and/or Cash 5 ENTRY slip void if it is stolen, not sold or deemed not sold in accordance with NCEL rules and procedures; if it is illegible, altered, mutilated, or counterfeit; or if the Cash 5 ticket and/or Cash 5 ENTRY slip fails any of the validation tests or procedures established by the NCEL.
  • Non-selected ENTRY records shall be destroyed per the NCEL’s records retention schedule.
  • ENTRY holders are subject to all NCEL Rules and Regulations and the Lottery Act.
  • Odds of winning in any drawing depend on the numbers of entries generated for that drawing.

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We Support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society!



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