Stanley Dunlap of Mocksville said he’s no stranger to good luck, but never imagined winning a $100,000 lottery prize.

“I’m just lucky,” Dunlap said. “Whenever I go to an event and enter a raffle, I always win. I swear I’ve won about 20 quilts in my life. I never thought I’d win the lottery.”

The machine operator’s good fortune happened when he stopped by Stanleyville Grocery on North Patterson Avenue in Winston-Salem to get gas. At the last minute, he decided to get a $5,000,000 Mega Cash scratch-off ticket.

“I rarely get lottery tickets,” Dunlap said. “For some reason that night I did. When I saw the numbers, I freaked out. I just thought, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. I really am lucky.’”

Dunlap claimed his prize Thursday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After required state and federal tax withholdings, he took home $70,756. He plans to use the money for retirement.

“I’ve been a machinist for 40 years,” Dunlap said. “This is going to help me get my ducks in a row so I can retire.”

The $20 ticket launched in May 2017 with three top prizes of $5 million, six $1 million prizes, and six $100,000 prizes. One $5 million prize, two $1 million prizes, and one $100,000 prize remains.

Ticket sales from games like $5,000,000 Mega Cash make it possible for the lottery to raise more than $650 million a year for education. For details on how $2.7 million in lottery funds made a difference in Davie County last year, click on the “Impact” section of the lottery’s website.