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Money raised by lottery helps build and repair schools

November 14, 2017 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:12 AM

Thanks to your play, students in Camden, Clay, Gates, and Jones counties soon will have new and renovated schools. The four counties are receiving $30 million awarded through the Needs-Based Public School Capital Fund, using money raised by the lottery.

Here is how the grants will help:

  • Camden County: $2.29 million for a new high school 
  • Clay County: $10.2 million for a new primary school 
  • Gates County: $2.5 million to replace a middle school wing 
  • Jones County: $15 million for a new pre-K through 12th grade campus

Educators talked about how grant money will turn dreams into a reality.

 “We are grateful for the grant approval,” said Michael Bracy, the superintendent of Jones County Public Schools, in a statement shared by the N.C. Department of Public Instruction, which administers the grants. “This will help our plans for a new school become a reality. This opportunity will be a game changer for our community and most importantly, our students.”

“The Clay County Board of Education and the Clay County Commissioners are thrilled to be the recipient of this grant,” said Clay County manager Mark Pullium. “Once constructed, the new facility will greatly enhance student outcomes and development for currently enrolled students as well as future students.”

“Through these grants, we will begin to address the critical school infrastructure needs in less-populated parts of our state through projects that will begin construction within 12 months,” said Mark Johnson, state school superintendent. “Students in outdated – and in some cases, unsafe – buildings will benefit soon from these new facilities.”

This year, $130 million of the money raised by the lottery will help build and repair schools across the state. Next year, $175 million is expected to be available. You can find out how lottery dollars benefit your county by going to our website:

Thank you for playing and supporting education in North Carolina! 



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12/09/2017 04:38 - Michael R.

Thousand some points I'm not sure I'm playing this game right

11/15/2017 12:21 - Sharon J.

Question How can One Put the New Appt on their Cell Phones to Enter Lotto Ticket. None Now Available. Existing Appt Not Been Useable for 2 Weeks Now 15 Nov 2017.. Also When Entering tickets, Can Lotto Show that that is a Winner (Just In Case, Cause Some Ticket are Hard to Tell If They're a Winner or Not.. Confusing!). Thanks NC Lottery
Sharon-If you have an Apple phone the app is available in the store. If you have an Android phone, you can download the App from our website. Good news! The new app does have a ticket checker that will let you see if your ticket is a winner or not.

11/15/2017 12:16 - Sharon J.

NC "EDUCATIONAL" Lotto Is Nice.. But Students K- Thru 12 Still Like in the Last 20+ Years. Have NO TEXTBOOKs to Use In Classrooms. NOR ANY TEXTBOOKS TO TAKE HOME Impeding their Learning.. "All Student are Left Behind".. Building Schools Help. But the MAIN THING IS TEXTBOOKS FIRST TO USE!! Shorter School Hours, Less Teaching Time For More Salary, Lack or No Physical Education!!

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