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Hurry! Check your tickets!

December 14, 2017 Posted by NC Lottery at 5:14 PM

Check under your furniture, look in your wallet, inspect behind your bed and between your car seats. Make sure no scratch-off ticket is left behind. You might have a winning ticket sitting at home and not even know it.

Eighteen instant games ended Friday, Nov. 17. if you won a prize on a ticket from one of those games, you have 90 days to claim it.
The games that ended are:
  • Our 10th Anniversary games, including 10th Anniversary Cash, 10th Anniversary Riches, and 10th Anniversary Spectacular.
  • A couple of our 7’s games, including Fireball 7’s and Triple 7’s. 
  • Bonus cash games, including $10,000 Bonus Cash, $400,000 Bonus Cash, and $1,000,000 Bonus Cash.
  • 5X Bingo Multiplier, Lucky Gems, Fat Wallet, $200,000 Triple Play, Double Doubler, “$”, Celebrate 2017, Lucky Shamrock, Funky 5’s, and Crossword Connect.
 It’s easier now than ever to see if you have a winning ticket with the new NC Lottery Mobile App. You can use the ticket checking function on the app to see if your lottery ticket is a winner. Learn more about downloading the app here,
For the games list above, all prizes must be claimed on or before Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018. Claims of $600 up to $99,999 must be made at one of the six regional claim centers before 5 p.m. that day while claims of $100,000 and above must be made at lottery headquarters before 5 p.m. on that day as well.
Mail-in claims must be received within 90 days of the official end-of-game date. Remember, postmarks will not satisfy the 90-day requirement.
Check your tickets carefully and make sure you’re not overlooking some prizes. We’d hate to see anyone miss out on a win.


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1/14/2018 06:02 - Michael A.

Why can we not log on our pc and check the tickets? Why does the NC Lottery always roll things out half done. It is clear people check tickets 3 ways 1) Retailer, 2) Online (meaning PC), 3) Phone. Please fix this significant gap you have created. Thanks

12/24/2017 02:11 - Michael R.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

12/20/2017 09:45 - Shonathan A.

Hey LZ. When there are winners of the LuckeZone drawing announced, the person's whole name is displayed. I think there should be some privacy disclosed for the winner. It would be better if the name was displayed like (John D**e) or the LuckeD user ID. This way people do not know everyone personal info. Thank You and keep up the games going! NC Lottery
Shonathan-We understand the concerns you and other players may have about releasing the names of the winners. When the lottery was established lawmakers made it so winners don't have the option to remain anonymous. This means that first and last names are made available to the public.

12/18/2017 06:55 - Ann M.

We need more big winners in Lenoir Nc!! Im a Faithful Scratcher im on it to win it!! Be Blessed an Merry Christmas too you All??

12/18/2017 01:25 - paul b.

What is wrong with the Lucke Rewards Android app? It hasn't been working for about a week now. I spend a lot on ALL kinds of lottery tickets,so I would like to check out & in my tickets for points & to see if I won. Please fix this problem soon as possible. Thanks NC Lottery
Paul- We're not aware of a widespread issue. If you call 1-855-767-1863, someone should be able to help you.

12/17/2017 11:14 - Norbert M.

Site too confusing.... where are all my old points...where do I enter new non-winning ticket numbers for Lucke-Rewards points!? Thanks NC Lottery
Norbert- To see your points make sure you go to the "User Dashboard". Once there, you can click on the "Points" Icon. To enter tickets for points, go to the "Collect" icon.

12/17/2017 10:06 - Jenni B.

Was Sidney H asking about prize confirmation on tix bought in stores & checking them in the app to see if you won? Or lucky-reward/second chance drawings?

12/17/2017 03:46 - Lavanda H.

That Big money super ticket is trash. Out of all the tickets I scratch that one is the worse. I spend alot of money and win good prizes as well so I have the experience. This ticket ain't right. I buy my tickets in fours back to back so when you buy 4 $10 tickets back to back with no winners then it feels like a scam.just my opinion

12/17/2017 10:58 - Michael C.

Hello NCEL, may I submit a request that the Cash 5 games winnings for 3 out of 5 be slighly increaed a few percentage points, this taken from the overall jackpot ? I think if you provide more incentive for this loer tier, you would gain more players? Thoughts, or considerations on this please. I have friends who play, who agree this would be a positive adjustment, albeit a small one.

12/16/2017 02:43 - Sidney H.

Do we need to save all of our tickets to claim winnings drawn on line ? If we should win,do we bring draw or scratch tickets ? Because after I get confirmation on my entries I have been throwing my tickets away. Thank you NC Lottery
Once you enter your ticket and claim your points, you don't have to keep them.

12/16/2017 02:31 - Dennis B.

I'll bet ticket sales have dropped on the draw games since you changed the daily emails. People like myself who don't play every day used the look at what the game is worth for the next draw that was included in each email. Some of us don't the time to visit the NC Lottery website every day to see value of the next draw. Please add it back to your daily email!

12/16/2017 05:20 - Mike S.

I logged in at about 5:15 and it was down. 15 minutes is no big deal, I logged out and closed my browser, tried repeatedly over the next hour with no success. I have no idea what time it came back up. Thanks for the response.

12/16/2017 03:09 - Anelio N.

Can not enter any tickets Message site is down try again latter. This has ben all day and now into 2nd day.

12/15/2017 11:04 - Mike S.

Notice my post was at 06:35. NC Lottery
Hey there, Mike. We didn't see that. We are looking to see if it was a widespread issue, since we were not aware of any problems. Hang tight. UPDATE 12.15.17 @ 1:19 p.m. The blog moderators have been working with our folks, but we still are not aware of a widespread issue that occurred at that time this morning. Is it something that lasted a while, or was it more just for a short time? We apologize if it caused any inconvenience, and we appreciate you reaching out to us and letting us know.

12/15/2017 06:35 - Mike S.

Can't check your tickets this morning as the rewards web site is down for maintenance. No notice given just pull the plug during the work week - not even a banner on the NCEL main page. Professional organizations plan maintenance outages and notify their customers of those plans. NC Lottery
The ticket checker is unavailable every morning from 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. for routine maintenance by our gaming vendor. It has been discussed on previous blogs.

12/14/2017 07:30 - Stephanie c.

Did i win NC Lottery
Hi there, Stephanie. Do you have any of the tickets listed above? Make sure to check them with the mobile app ticket checker or at a retailer. Good luck!

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