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Winston-Salem man celebrates $530,230 Cash 5 jackpot win

November 27, 2018 Posted by NC Lottery at 2:43 PM

Gregory Sawyer of Winston-Salem is celebrating after he won a $530,230 Cash 5 jackpot.

Sawyer’s good fortune happened when he stopped by Liberty Street Grocery on Old Rural Hall Road in Winston-Salem and bought a Quick Pick ticket for the Nov. 19 drawing. The ticket beat odds of one in 962,598 to win the jackpot.

He claimed the prize Monday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After required state and federal tax withholdings, he took home $373,818.  

Cash 5 is a statewide draw game that gives players the chance to win a jackpot every single night. Tickets cost $1 and players can buy tickets at most lottery retailers or through Online Play on the lottery’s website, Tonight’s Cash 5 jackpot is $408,000.




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12/17/2018 03:46 - Schmeka w.

im waiting for these 14,21,22,37,27 a set of combinations that i purchased off the lottery website

12/09/2018 12:33 - michael b.

I wish I could win any amount on the cash 5 in need of a a/c unit

12/08/2018 12:31 - Charlene W.

I play all the time, I enter tickets everyday for second chance drawings, I never win anything in this NC lottery. They never pick people in my town of Washington, NC. WHY? NC Lottery
Hi Charlene, part of what makes the lottery so exciting is that no one knows where the next winning ticket on second-chance winner is going to be. And check it out, a winner from Washington, NC won a million dollar prize just last year! [url][/url]

12/07/2018 05:06 - Angela C.


12/04/2018 11:53 - Denver G.

Thanks James, but I'm enjoying being retired and plan to stay that way. I'm just strategizing on how to win a nice size "prize" before the end of the year!!! If you mean a win from the NCEL as being on the payroll, then hell yes count me in. Good luck to you, stay informed.

12/04/2018 03:18 - Michael M.

Marsha L. As soon as you collect the points by scanning your tickets using the "Collect" button, you will automatically be entered in the second chance drawing for the ticket that you scanned. To use your points, go click the enter button and there will usually be two drawings that you can use your points for which are the monthly and weekly drawings.

12/03/2018 07:05 - James J.

I'm speculating that LZ will put Denver on the payroll in December! He does his homework!!!!

12/03/2018 03:46 - Johnette C.

Wow that is great...

12/03/2018 02:28 - Denver G.

I'm speculating that December will be a month to remember and the cash 5 will be hit 7 times !!!!NC Lottery
We would love that! We'll check back in later in the month to see how on-target your guess is!

12/03/2018 01:48 - Denver G.

LZ, make that 6 cash5 winners for the month of November. I guess I had premature speculation.NC Lottery
You're right! What's your guess for this month, Denver?

12/02/2018 10:27 - Roslyn K.


12/02/2018 05:25 - Dexter L.


12/01/2018 04:42 - Berry B.

All they have in my area r break even ticket,if u buy 3,5 $$ tickets,that is all u get,nothing else!

12/01/2018 04:15 - Crystal A.

Congrats! Not trying to get rich just trying to keep from losing everything! Standing in s in a need of miracle LORD!

12/01/2018 11:53 - Denver G.

WILLIE B.,I have less then 1/10 in each of those drawings then you!! Nothing personal, but I hope they don't pick you, LOL. Congrats on your 2nd chance win of a pack of #634 last month. Now it's my turn to be another WNC winner. $15,594 worth of entries??? Try not to be too disappointed if all your "hard work" doesn't pay off. Cheers my friend. Go Panthers, we still got a shot at the Playoffs.

11/30/2018 08:57 - Marsha L.

What do I do with my points, I have 1851, also when will you start the second chance holiday ticket, and how do I enter them....

11/30/2018 07:28 - Willie B.

I ave 10,134 entries so far in the multiply the cash. and 5,460 in the holiday 2nd chance . sure hope you pick me. thanks, willie

11/30/2018 07:04 - darryl s.

how many entries are there for each 2nd chance drawNC Lottery
Hey Darryl, Here are the running totals for every second-chance drawing as of Monday! Extreme Millions currently has 241,814 entries; Multiply the Cash has 6,388,782 entries; $25,000 Dream Makeover has 126,695 entries; Carolina Panthers Grand Prize has 340,319 entries; Colossal Cash has 723,708 entries; Holiday Second Chance has 3,483,551 entries.

11/29/2018 11:24 - Evette W.

Lord I just want win something it would be a nice Christmas wish

11/29/2018 11:04 - Brian L.

"Wow wee" is right, Denver (although the number of members don't actually matter as much as the number of entries for Thanks a Plenty - since one person can put in more than one entry). Even if you want a "decent" ~1% change of winning, you would you have needed to collect over 250,000 points (20 pts per entry)... might take scores of years and you've spent more than the winning far before that. (e.g. Collecting 40-50 points per week, 4 times a month... er... over 100 YEARS...)

11/29/2018 02:42 - Denver G.

WOW WEE, That's a lot of entries!! With 800,000 members of the players club, players need to think about the odds of winning (astronomical) before they come on here complaining about not winning. The next Holiday 2nd chance drawing is twice as long as this 1st one, so you can bet the entries will be way more. I'm guessing between 6 and 8 million entries.

11/29/2018 10:36 - June S.

Hello NCEL, can you confirm how many entries there is for the "Thanks A Plenty" and "2018 Holiday Second Chance" drawings? NC Lottery
Hey June, As of Monday, the Thanks a Plenty drawing had 1,263,672 entries and the Holiday Second Chance had 3,483,551 entries. Good luck!

11/28/2018 08:10 - Allison B.

Wow!!! Congratulations!!!

11/28/2018 05:45 - Deborah O.

I agree with Donna. Congratulations Sawyer!!!

11/28/2018 02:17 - Donna A.

Wonderful for Him ! It's too bad The Lottery doesn't come up with a game where People can win something, doesn't have to be a lot but something. Never anything on the draw games but about $2.00 to $5.00 a month. Shameful.

11/28/2018 09:33 - Randy J.


11/28/2018 09:03 - Maurice H.

Bless you!

11/28/2018 08:42 - Quatasha W.

Congratulations ??

11/28/2018 08:09 - Sharonda M.

Just waiting on my day too congratulations on your win

11/28/2018 07:50 - Denver G.

CONGRATS !!! LZ, I see the new bigger C5 was won again last night. How many does that make now since the change ?? Six? Still the best draw game around and my favorite.NC Lottery
We're glad to hear that Cash 5 is still your favorite, Denver! By our count, it looks like we've had five jackpot winners so far.

11/28/2018 02:33 - Deshanna Nicole G.

So awesome!!!

11/28/2018 01:53 - Evette W.


11/27/2018 09:43 - Janette B.

Wonderful and congrats to you and your family. It’s always nice to hear about another blessing that will boost your finances in the right direction.

11/27/2018 03:35 - patricia w.

Congrats to him

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