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Unique set of holiday scratch-off tickets are here!

November 6, 2018 Posted by NC Lottery at 10:46 AM

If you’re already searching for that perfect stocking stuffer, you’re in luck. Our new holiday themed scratch-off tickets make unique gifts. We’ve got a first of its kind clear ticket, a new coordinate game, and even a ticket that doubles as a gift tag.

You can make the season “Merry & Bright” with the new $10 holiday scratch-off ticket. The game offers two top prizes of $1 million and over $17 million in total prizes. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 1.2 million. Overall odds including breakeven prizes are 1 in 3.22.

Give the gift of some “Holiday Cash” with the new $5 ticket. This is “clearly” a unique stocking stuffer. The game is printed on plastic and the non-printed area is transparent. It comes in three festive colors; red, green, and blue. The game has four top prizes of $150,000 and over $11 million in total prizes. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 840,000. Overall odds including breakeven prizes are 1 in 3.96. 

Spread some “Holiday Cheer” with the new $3 ticket. This coordinate game provides an extra element of fun. First you scratch off your coordinates, and then you search for the symbols in the grid. If you have three of the same symbol you win the prize shown. The game has three top prizes of $75,000 and over $4 million in total prizes. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 800,000. Overall odds including breakeven prizes are 1 in 3.99.

 “Tis The Season” to dream a little, and the new $2 scratch-off ticket will let you do just that. It has five top prizes of $25,000 and over $5 million in total prizes. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 816,000. Overall odds including breakeven prizes are 1 in 4.60.
And nothing says “Happy Holidays” like the new $1 scratch-off ticket. It’s even shaped like a gift tag and hole punched so you can attach it to your presents. The game offers six top prizes of $5,000 and over $2 million in total prizes. Odds of winning a top prize are 1 in 800,000. Overall odds including breakeven prizes are 1 in 4.76.

As an extra bonus, each holiday scratch-off ticket can be entered into one of two second-chance drawings for a chance to win $50,000. The deadline to enter the first drawing is Nov. 30. We’ll choose one winner of $50,000, five winners of $10,000, and 50 winners of $500. The drawing is scheduled to take place Dec. 5.

Good luck and happy holidays!



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1/14/2019 03:49 - Roderick P.

How many entries for 10 winners of $2019 as well pls?NC Lottery
Hey Roderick! The Happy 2019! drawing had 372,177 entries.

1/14/2019 02:58 - Roderick P.

How many entries in the 2018 holiday second chance and multiply the cash so far this draw?NC Lottery
Hi Roderick, Our most recent report shows that the 2nd Holiday Second Chance drawing has 3,673,293 entries and the Multiply the Cash drawing has 8,538,651 entries.

12/05/2018 06:33 - Lashanna P.

I sure hope I win...I love playing NC lottery...!!!

11/12/2018 10:41 - Beverly R.

I hope this plastic ticket is recyclable. Plastic pollution is a big problem in the oceans. No need to create new plastic if paper ticket is an option. What would really be unique is if there were more winning tickets on these new ticket rolls!NC Lottery
Hi Beverly, we strive to make sure our tickets environmentally friendly, which is why all of our paper tickets are made from recycled paper stock and are recyclable. Another great feature of our new clear tickets are made from PET plastic and they too are recyclable!

11/12/2018 06:27 - Mike S.

Alexander certainly looks like a boon town for multiple time rewards winners!

11/11/2018 01:25 - joseph S.

Tomorrow my wife and I will be evicted with nowhere to go. All things to a vehicle accident that put me out of work 3 months. Wear your seat belts! Praying for a 2nd chance miracle for a 2nd chance on life. NC Lottery
Hi, Joseph. Blog moderators are sorry to hear of your current situation. But please, playing the lottery is never a guaranteed source of income. Please only use what you can afford to play on entertainment. We hope your situation gets better. Take care.

11/09/2018 08:24 - Willie B.

i won a packet of Mega tickets Yay!!NC Lottery
Congrats on the win, Willie!

11/09/2018 03:39 - Elizabeth C.

Got it... getting ready to scratch them... Bladen ready

11/09/2018 12:52 - Teresa R.

Can’t wait to play

11/08/2018 09:17 - Linda K.

I like the dollar ($1) tickets. They are a cool looking gift tag. I put the numbers into my games place, but there isn’t a place with the Holiday Games (2nd chance)to enter yet. Help me. Thank you. God bless. Happy Thanksgiving to All.NC Lottery
Hey Linda, We'e glad to hear you like the gift tag ticket! To enter those tickets into the second-chance drawing, you will need to log into your account and click the "Collect" icon. From there, you can scan or manually enter the ticket, which will automatically enter you into the second-chance drawing for that ticket. Hope this helps!

11/08/2018 08:49 - Felicia M.

Great .

11/08/2018 08:14 - Jarreau I.

How many total entries have been submited for the 2018 Holiday Second Chance game so far?NC Lottery
Hey Jarreau, As of Monday, there were 51,190 entries.

11/08/2018 04:33 - Shelia M.


11/08/2018 04:26 - Charles W.

I want to scan 2nd Chances games and can’t get the scan button, can you help?NC Lottery
Hey there Charles, To enter your tickets into the Holiday Second-Chance drawing, all you have to do is log into your account and then click the "Collect" icon. If you are on your mobile phone, there will be a button that says "Scan Now". If you are on a computer, you will need to manually enter the barcode number in order to be entered. Hope this helps!

11/08/2018 04:08 - hazel h.

A supernatural miracle

11/08/2018 10:47 - Brian M.

I like the new games and I'm excited to play. I just hope the plastic is recyclable that is being used in the new clear cards. Thanks for saving me the trouble of finding gift tags this year! :-)

11/07/2018 07:58 - Sharon H.

It would sure be a Blessing to win.I would pay off my credit cards, get me a nicer car. And get out of this little building, I been living in for 4yrs. Buy Christmas with the rest of it.Congratulations to whoever wins.

11/07/2018 06:36 - Charlotte R.

Don’t know where else to write this... but what a mess with the pins. My pin froze during all the mess with the high jackpots. I’m thinking it was two weeks and multiple calls before I could use the site again. I don’t like the people who handle this site. It took them forever. What a pain NC Lottery
Sorry to hear of your frustration with resetting your PIN, Charlotte. We make every effort to protect your personal information, and because of that there are those extra security measures in place.

11/07/2018 06:31 - Janette B.

Well, I’ve been investing in all of the games for quite some time and I’m ready to win big.

11/07/2018 10:45 - Jarreau I.

Might just be me but I'm having a difficult time scanning the barcode at the bottom. The ink seems to smear all over the code when I scratch it so it's not scannable. I'm using a penny, also tried my fingernail, to no avail. I have to manually enter the numbers for second chance. They are already printed and distributed so not much can be done now, just thought I'd mention it so it can be considered during reprinting or next year.NC Lottery
We appreciate the feedback and will pass it along to the folks who create our new games!

11/06/2018 06:33 - Ernestine S.

I bought a new happy holiday 1 dollar ticket and it said in directions match 3 like amounts win that amount and then says match 2 like amounts and a present symbol win double that amount I had two 5 dollar amounts and a present so please explain how that is only 10.dollars shouldn't that be 20 dollar win? NC Lottery
Hey there, Ernestine! We can help explain it. When the ticket says "match two like amounts and win double that amount", it is not doubling the TOTAL of the two amounts, it is simply doubling the listed amount. If you are ever unsure of how much you won on your ticket, you can always check it using the ticket checker at any retail location, vending machine, or on your mobile phone using the NC Lottery app. Let us know if you have any other questions!

11/06/2018 04:10 - Rudolph P.

I like the transparent $5 ticket. A few stores here won't cash tickets if you win $100 or more. They are told by the owner not to have too much cash in the register.

11/06/2018 02:44 - Tom a.

Hit my first $2 scratcher for $20 I hope this is a lucky month.NC Lottery
Nice! We're wishing you good luck, Tom!

11/06/2018 02:33 - Della B.

I had to go to Raleigh yesterday. While there I stopped to the circle K store on Lake Boone Trail and bought a $10 ticket which I won $100 off it. I took it back to the same store to cash it in. I was going to spend $20 of my winnings back. They told me that they couldn't cash the ticket in because they don't pay out no more than $40. What kind is mess is that? I can see if maybe it was $500 but $100. They may as well not to participate in the lottery. NC Lottery
Hey Della, All lottery retailers should pay out wins up to $599 with either cash, business check or money order. Some smaller stores might not have large amounts of cash on-hand to pay big prizes, but they should always be able to issue a check or money order as an alternative. If you think someone is just refusing to pay, call our Customer Services line at 1-877-962-7529 and we'll look into it.

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