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November brings more chances to win.

November 8, 2018 Posted by NC Lottery at 4:00 PM

We’re giving you more chances to win as we head into the holidays. As you get caught up in the hustle and the bustle of the season, don’t miss out on any of these exciting opportunities.

If you’re a member of our players club, you can enter our Thanks a Plenty monthly drawing. Fifty players will win $1,000.

And win some Quick Cash by entering our weekly drawing.  Every week in November we’ll choose five lucky players to win $100.

Holiday scratch-off tickets are here. Not only do they make a unique gift, but they can also be entered into one of two second-chance drawings for a chance to win $50,000. The deadline to enter the first drawing is Nov. 30. We’ll choose one winner of $50,000, five winners of $10,000, and 50 winners of $500. The drawing is scheduled to take place Dec. 5.

Facebook Promotions:
We’re also giving our Facebook followers some extra chances to win. Stay tuned for more details later this month, but here’s a preview:

-Holiday Cash Ticket Giveaway
One lucky Facebook user will win a package of 60 Holiday Cash scratch-offs. The game has four top prizes of $150,000 and over $11 million in total prizes. Who knows what you could win? To enter, all you have to do is go to the Facebook post starting on November 13 and tag a friend.

-Year's Supply of Cash 5
Did you hear the good news about Cash 5 starting jackpots doubling from $50,000 to $100,000? To celebrate, we’re giving five lucky Facebook winners a year’s supply of Cash 5 Online Play credit. To enter, all you have to do is comment on the promotion Facebook post starting on November 19.

Good luck, and happy holidays!


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11/25/2018 01:44 - Marylyn O.

How do i get the scratch cards? NC Lottery
Maryln-You can get scratch-off tickets at any of our retail locations. You can find a retailer by visiting the following:

11/19/2018 09:16 - Janice L.

Hi Janice! Here is a link to our Facebook page:

11/19/2018 07:26 - Bonnie G.

Be nice to win

11/19/2018 11:39 - Denver G.

Cool beans. Can you enter the C5 promo more then once???NC Lottery
Hi Denver, Great question, only one entry per person will qualify.

11/19/2018 11:08 - Denver G.

LZ, I don't see anything on the FB page about the C5 promo or how to enter for the years supply.NC Lottery
No worries, Denver. Check back today at 1:00 p.m.. We will share a blog post that will link directly to the Facebook post!

11/18/2018 11:53 - Crystal B.

My God is such a good I pray every day that me and my family get some some blessing for my daughter who has lupus

11/18/2018 11:48 - Crystal B.

My heavenly God almighty I hopefully pray will bless me and my family with some good blessing so we can help find a cure for Lupus that my beautiful daughter has been suffering from for the last 3 years

11/17/2018 04:39 - Nina J.

God is going to make it happen so me and my kids can get use a place to live

11/17/2018 02:16 - Jeffrey H.

I'm going to win Thank you Jesus!!

11/15/2018 05:35 - JIM B.

On a different note-nice pick 4 winnings today by somebody. Strange how this combination has never come in but still pays out an average of 410.00 per ticket. We are watching and tracking :) Seems to happen about once per week oddly enough. Don't really care about how everything is under the watch by someone-when there is gambling and money involved-trust no one. Have a good day!

11/14/2018 10:15 - lisa p.

I read the comment from a player about buying a $10 ticket and not winning anything. Sadly Ive bought many many tickets of all denominations, five, six, and seven in a row, and didnt win anything! Its common. Not fair but its the new norm.

11/14/2018 07:20 - Danny P.

LZ No one can make comments here on Luckey Rewards unless they are already Members!!!

11/14/2018 11:17 - Denver G.

LZ, I think Renee might be referring to the FB promo. Speaking of that, is the C5 promo going to be just 1 drawing for 5 winners, or 5 drawings for 1 winner??NC Lottery
Hi Denver! The Facebook Cash 5 promotion will be a single drawing in which five winners will be drawn.

11/13/2018 12:41 - Renee B.

interested in 2nd chance but cant find it NC Lottery
Renee-The first thing you'll want to do is make sure you're a member of our Lucke-Rewards Players club. You can do that by going to our home page and scrolling down to the bottom. Just click on the Lucke-Rewards icon and you can register. Once you're a member you can go to your user dashboard and enter tickets and drawings. To read more about the different drawings, you can go to the following:

11/13/2018 11:14 - William D.

sometimes I play older scratch-off tickets but they are hard to find. be nice if Lucke zone had an app that would show tickets being sold in certain stores & areas.

11/12/2018 05:17 - shannon h.

does anyone when if they live in sc NC Lottery
Hey Shannon, Players do not have to be North Carolina residents to play and we have had a few winners of big prizes who live in South Carolina! Here's the most recent SC winner:

11/12/2018 08:55 - Kenya J.

How can I change my address?NC Lottery
Hey there Kenya, to change your address, you'll need to complete a Help Form here:

11/12/2018 08:52 - Denver G.

Dang Donna. 1006 entries. That's $10,060 spent in a 5 week period . Seems pretty unrealistic. $2000 a week??? Just to win a $300 pack of scratchers. You could have bought 33 whole packs!!!!

11/12/2018 12:09 - Charlene W.

LZ- my point to me earlier comment was I did not win anything ZERO on a $10 scratch off and I find it appalling you can’t even win $2NC Lottery
With any game of chance, it takes luck to beat the odds and win a prize. We wish everyone could be a winner, but it's important to remember that the prize money comes from non-winning tickets. We hope your next ticket is a lucky one!

11/11/2018 10:09 - donna b.

Hey Donna, Yes, our team makes three different attempts to notify a winner before moving to an alternate. We have described the process in full in your comment below.

11/11/2018 08:13 - donna b.

How do we know if we won. What happens if our phones are out and you cant get a hold of us ? Will we lose our winnings ? How do we know ?

11/11/2018 08:03 - donna b.

When it says Winner has been notified, That means Yall have all ready talked to them, Right. Just wondering because i had 1,006, Entrys for a pack of scratch off Powerball tickets. And all said Winner Notifed. So that means All have been Notified Right ??NC Lottery
Hi Donna, We want to give winners every opportunity to claim their prizes! When it says "Winner Notified", that means we have attempted our first contact with the winner, that does not mean that they have responded. Here's how the process works: first, we will send an email to the winner notifying them of their win. If they do not respond to the email, we will then call them, and if that call is also missed, we will send a certified letter to the winner's address. Only after a winner has responded to one of the attempts to communicate and has completed the claim process will their name show up on the website.

11/11/2018 07:03 - Tom D.

Why do you make this website so hard to navigate? Why can't the winners be put on the Lucke Rewards games? NC Lottery
Hi there, Tom. Thanks for the suggestion. We will share your comment with the folks who make those decisions.

11/10/2018 09:33 - Michael R.

I need money now please help me NC Lottery
Hi there, Michael. We just wanted to drop you a quick note. Winning any prize playing the lottery takes luck. Because of that, lottery prizes are never a guaranteed source of income and should never be used as a quick fix to help with a financial situation. If you are playing, please remember to only spend what you can afford to on entertainment. We hope your situation gets better. Take care.

11/10/2018 04:22 - donna b.

will someone Please answer my question. What happened to the Luckey Rewards, Second chance drawing on nov 7th. To win the pack of Powerball scratch off tickets. Please. I cant find it anywhere. NC Lottery
Hi there, Donna. No worries -- we have! You posted your original comment in a different blog. But we will be happy to share again :) Sign in, select, "Draws" then select the second-chance tab. Make sure to unselect "My entries" and then select "All" from the drop down menu. Winners have already been notified via email and people have already started to claim. Scroll down to the "Mega Power Pack" section and you will see them!

11/09/2018 11:19 - Danny P.

LZ Took care of the Terms and Agreement update and everything is working fine. Thanks very much and have a great weekend!!!

11/09/2018 09:19 - La Verne D.

I mean if the ticket that won was purchased online. I would like to see how many people win jackpots from this website. I really want to know if people win online or should we buy from a store. NC Lottery
Good news! It doesn't matter where you buy your ticket-- online or one retailer over the other. Everyone has the same chance of winning as anyone else. More people purchase their tickets at a retailer, so that means more wins will come from retailers. But we still have had big wins from people play online! The only difference is the added convenience of playing online! :)

11/09/2018 12:02 - Cliff H.

How can I see my entries? NC Lottery
Hey Cliff, Which promotion's entries are you looking for? For Lucke-Rewards and Second-Chance drawings, those will be found on the "Draws" page.

11/09/2018 09:45 - Jarreau I.

Hello! Could you please let me know how many entries total have been submitted so far on Thanks A Plenty? Thanks!NC Lottery
Hi there Jarreau, As of Monday, the Thanks a Plenty Lucke-Rewards drawing had 239,338 entries. Blog moderators get updated numbers on Mondays, so feel free to check back then for current totals.

11/08/2018 10:52 - Charlene W.

It’s a shame you can win at least your money back (sometimes) on a $5 scratch off but yet win a $1 on a $10 one. But what should I expect in a rural county such as Harnett.NC Lottery
Hey Charlene! With our scratch-offs, the prize amount should be the price of the ticket. Which $10 game did you win $1 on?

11/08/2018 10:12 - robinson s.

Cash 5 starting jackpot went up to 100,000 that exciting oh yeah!! Good luck everyone!!

11/08/2018 09:25 - Sharon M.

How do you play the second chance on holiday cash NC Lottery
Hi there Sharon, To enter your holiday tickets into the Holiday Second-Chance drawing, all you have to do is click the "Collect" icon and scan or manually enter your ticket into your online account. By doing that, you will be automatically entered into the second-chance drawing for the ticket you scanned.

11/08/2018 08:42 - La Verne D.

How can you tell if someones winning ticket was purchased online.NC Lottery
Hey La Verne, If a jackpot winning ticket was sold online, it would be noted at the bottom of the "Draw Details" page for that game. We also will post an alert on our Twitter as soon as we are notified of the win and will mention it in the news release when the winner claims their prize. Hope this helps!

11/08/2018 07:01 - Shirley L.

Love the idea of starting Cash 5 at $100,000. Sure would love to win years supply of Cash 5 play credit.NC Lottery
Be sure to check back on the blog for the official details on how to be entered to win! The Cash 5 promotion will begin on Nov. 19.

11/08/2018 06:53 - Rodney S.

I really need to win,that would be great

11/08/2018 05:49 - Danny P.

Off subject but just trying to look at my entries in Draws section. When I click on Draws I see Terms Of Service an agreement for On-Line purchase I'm not interested in on-line purchase only want to participate. I can't enter tickets or get messages keeps giving me option to sign up???? WHY????????????????????????NC Lottery
Hi Danny, We have updated our Terms of Service, and all upgraded players are being asked to review and agree to the updates. Once you agree to the updated Terms, you will be able to access the Draws page. If you are concerned about the status of your Online Play account, please call our Online Support team at 1-855-767-1863 for help. Thanks!

11/08/2018 05:46 - Michael R.

Give me some of that money please I need it

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