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Video: November brings good luck to lottery players

December 3, 2018 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:42 AM


As we wrap up November, we’re taking a look back at some of our most memorable wins of the month. We had a $4 million winner and three $1 million winners. Our big winners come from all over the state and all walks of life. We met a hurricane victim, an Army veteran, a concrete worker, a tax accountant, and a mom. Check out the video to see what some of our winners plan to do with their money.

Every winner has a unique story, and we love hearing them. Here’s a recap of some of our favorites.

Shirley Tolson of Shannon said she’ll be able to repair the damage Hurricane Florence caused to her home after she won $150,000 playing Holiday Cash. “It’s a blessing,” Tolson said. “The wind and rain damaged the roof and chimney. We were also hit by Hurricane Matthew a couple of years ago, so it’s wonderful to have this.”

Army veteran James Bombard of Fayetteville plans to go back to school after he won $100,000 playing Powerball. He bought his ticket online and woke up Thanksgiving morning to an email telling him he’d won. “It feels like I’m in a dream,” Bombard said. “I couldn’t be more thankful.”

Remember Shelby Tripp of Stokes? She won $4 million because she took her mom’s advice. Her mom told Tripp to buy a lottery ticket because she was feeling lucky. Tripp did, and walked away with a $4 million lottery prize.

Doralee Preston-Price of Fayetteville cleaned up with a $200,000 lottery prize. She went to Food Lion to get some groceries but forgot the soap. When she went back, she decided to get a Mega Bucks ticket. It’s a good thing she did, because she ended up winning $200,000.

And Zerineia Carmichael of Goldsboro won $277,777 thanks to a lucky mix-up. She wanted a Carolina Panthers ticket, but the clerk accidentally gave her a ‘777’ ticket instead. Lucky for her, it turned out to be the winning one.

Congratulations to all of our winners. We can’t wait to meet even more of you next month!



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12/13/2018 07:23 - Berry B.

NC Lottery added more numbers to Cash 5 to make it more harder to win!!

12/08/2018 07:35 - Robin F.

Did they do all the drawings? And sent put emails? All the drawing expect the thankgiving one says "winners notified" so if ot dont have 50 names or Winners notified what that mean? Hope it means they haven't done ot yet or have nofified winners ciz that mean we all still jave a chance for some Good luck from NC LOTTERY ;) NC Lottery
Hi Robin, the Thanks a Plenty drawing is complete and winner notification emails were sent out. We'll have an update on the site soon.

12/04/2018 03:44 - Hatice K.

Next big-winner is going to be me!!!

12/04/2018 12:23 - Chester W.

never mind. lol!

12/04/2018 10:02 - Chester W.

click on the new $20 ticket and look at the prize break down. NC Lottery
Hey Chester, We're seeing correct numbers on the prize breakdown for the Big Money Playbook. There are three top prizes of $1 million and four second-level prizes of $100,000. Could you please comment with a link to the page you are seeing it listed differently? Thank you!

12/04/2018 08:50 - Berry B.

Congrats to All,I cannot win one penny!!

12/04/2018 03:54 - Chester W.

There is a mistake on the new $20 scratch off. The prize breakdown says four top prizes of $100,000;when it should be four top prizes of $1,000,000.NC Lottery
Hey Chester! Can you tell us specifically where you are seeing a mistake?

12/03/2018 10:45 - Alice P.

Congratulations to all the winners. Praying i will be one of the lucky ones real soon.!!!!!

12/03/2018 10:39 - Tabitha B.

Congratulations to all the winners! Hopefully I will be one

12/03/2018 09:50 - Deborah C.

I have yet to figure out how to buy tickets thru this app I don't under stand this Geo location my location is advanced I just don't get it HELP ME! TO WIN SOME MONEY NC Lottery
Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the app, Deborah! You could be receiving the geolocation error because of your phone settings. Your phone must be able to determine that you are located within North Carolina at the time of checkout, and needs to have location services turned on for both your phone and the app in order to do that. Please first check to make sure those are turned on. If you continue to have trouble, please give our online support team a call at 1-855-767-1863 so they can work directly with you to fix it.

12/03/2018 07:47 - Dale W.

Congratulations to everyone that's awesome!

12/03/2018 02:35 - cheryl c.

these people are lucky as heaven i live in fayetteville also and waitingfor my windfall

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