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Check those tickets! 25 games ending soon

March 9, 2018 Posted by NC Lottery at 3:33 PM

25 instant games end Friday March 16, so if you have won a prize on one of those games you have three months to claim it. The games that are ending are:

-    $30 tickets: Ultimate Millions
-    $20 tickets: Ruby Red 7s
-    $10 tickets: 10th Anniversary Millions, Jumbo Bucks
-    $5 tickets: Red Hot Slots, The Big $5 Ticket, 20X The Cash, Mega Fortune, $500 Cash, Mega Bucks, $2,500 A Week For    Life
-    $3 tickets: Spooky Bucks, Lucky 7s Crossword, Bingo Boxes, Loteria
-    $2 tickets: The Walking Dead, Double Match, Scoop The Cash, 10X The Cash, $50,000 Platinum Payout, Lucke-Rewards  Cash
-    $1 tickets: The Perfect Gift, 5X The Cash, $10,000 Platinum Payout, Mighty Bucks

You have 90 days from the announced end date to claim a prize. For the games listed above, all prizes must be claimed on or before Thursday, June 14, 2018.  Claims of $600 up to $99,999 must be made at one of the six regional claim centers before 5 p.m. that day while claims of $100,000 and above must be made at lottery headquarters before 5 p.m. on that day as well.

Mail-in claims must be received within 90 days of the official end-of-game date. Remember, postmarks will not satisfy the 90-day requirement.

Check your tickets carefully and make sure you're not overlooking some prizes. We'd hate to see anyone miss out on a big win.


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3/15/2018 01:01 - Sethwind R.

Everyone entering codes is currently figuring it out for themselves, or eventually will. There really are no second chance drawings, weekly, or monthly drawings. NCEL wants our ticket codes for three reasons: Reason 1. To identify compulsive/problem gamblers (i.e.-the "profit makers"), Reason 2.To identify their favorite scratch tickets and retailers, and finally-Reason 3. To target those retailers with more loser tickets. NCEL, you ingenius pick-pockets, can you say cha-ching?

3/14/2018 05:32 - Lee K.

I cannot find the NC Education Lottery App for my cell phone in either of the app stores. I see lots of lottery apps but not the NC Education lottery one. Where do I find it? Thank you!! NC Lottery
Look for the N.C. Official Mobile App. Here's where you can learn more and get a link to where you can download.

3/14/2018 01:29 - Erica L.

Suggestion: I have noticed that when I scan back to back tickets for collection points/check winning tickets, the screen either stalls or barely flips. Could you all add a feature so we can distinguish between each ticket scanned. Thanks NC Lottery
Sounds like that could be frustrating. Appreciate the feedback. Will share with those in charge of our app.

3/14/2018 12:59 - Lavanda H.

Hello my comment is not intended to cause any animosity towards the person/s answering the feedback questions. Im frustrated towards these scratch offs. I just bought 2 books of different games, prices,and stores(I know it doesn't make a difference)@ $600. I know the lotto details but it seems so unbalanced. I just can't understand why 2 whole book of cards have so many empty cards. I wasn't expecting to win big, but I was expecting more than it was. 2nd, how do lottery distributors feel that large cities like Greensboro, Fayetteville, Charlotte is equal distribution to small cities like Elizabeth city, Ahoskie, Bertie. This is not fair but yet you say its random and cover it by saying "PLAY RESPONSIBLY". In the end, it's fun yes, the lucky ones who win congrats, but Y'all sitting in offices and don't witness what I see. These people out here playing strong and VERY SERIOUSLY because they need that money!!!! Smh at these scratch offs.

3/13/2018 12:22 - JOHN m.

can scratch off ticks be purchased on line? NC Lottery
No. So far, you can buy tickets to four draw games, Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash 5, and Lucky For Life. Learn more here.

3/13/2018 10:00 - DL H.

I posted a comment/compliment but it’s not showing. How long does it take before your messages are posted thank you. NC Lottery
Sorry. A little slower than usual today.

3/12/2018 06:58 - DL H.

Hi NC lottery Do the points you accumulate ever expire ? Do you need to use them by a cartain date? Thanks NC Lottery. We enjoy playing And of course we always hope we will win but either way it’s always fun to play the game for a chance at a big win. In the meantime we do enjoy the little wins we get here and there. You guys/gals do a great job answering all the questions especially for as much heat as you guys/gals take from some of the people that post here. Wish everybody could just enjoy playing the game. We’ve had to call the lottery office twice with questions everybody has always been very kind Keep up the good work! NC Lottery
At this time, points do not expire. Thank you for the kind words. We don't mind the questions. The more folks know about how the lottery works, the better. And feedback, even when it is tough, helps us improve.

3/12/2018 06:49 - Mike S.

Thanks for the update LZ!!!

3/12/2018 06:29 - raymond g.

It take luck to find a winner. But please use our website to learn more about how games are played and the odds for winning. It will make your play more fun.

3/12/2018 10:01 - Debra B.

I have a love hate relationship with break even prizes. Most people who break even will take that prize and buy another ticket. Would love to see winning numbers that actually won more than ticket price. I understand that this would decrease your overall odds but the only thing I ever seprizesem to win is just my money back. Are there any plans on doing away with break even prizes ? NC Lottery
Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback on break-even prizes. The folks who design lottery games for the lottery read comments like this and it helps them to hear what players think of our games. Break-even prizes are pretty standard in all instant games in all U.S. lotteries. No plans at the moment to change game design to eliminate them. You can study prize structures on the website, though. Just click on "How To Play and Odds.' You can judge for yourself how break-even prizes are balanced against bigger amounts.

3/12/2018 08:07 - Denver G.

In order to make a WISE choice as to what tickets to buy (or not buy), you have to be an informed player. In order to be an informed player you must do your research. Don't expect others to do it for you.

3/12/2018 05:28 - Mike S.

Thanks LZ! NC Lottery
You're welcome. We get weekly updates. The latest just came in. So the number of entries for the next Extreme Millions drawing is currently: 431,771.

3/12/2018 01:36 - Priscilla H.

Did I win the drawing that was drawn on March 7th? NC Lottery
Winners of the Lucke-Rewards drawings, Winter Winfall and $1,000 Quick Cash, have all been notified. Winners are first notified with an email to their email address used with their Lucke-Rewards account.

3/11/2018 10:45 - Bobby G.

When is the next 2nd chance drawing for the 30.00 dollar ticket? NC Lottery
The date for the third Extreme Millions second-chance drawing has not been set yet. So stay tuned. We'll announce that news as soon as the drawing is scheduled.

3/11/2018 08:40 - Shelia B.

Why can't I see the lucke rewards winners for the scratch offs and lottery tickets. We use see the winners list. NC Lottery
You still can, but sorry you had trouble finding them. Click on the "Draws" icon on your dashboard. Then use the filter to get the results you want. You can look at the results for only the drawings you have entered by checking the "My Entries" box then filter for "Expired" to see who won past drawings.

3/11/2018 03:41 - Mark J.

I cannot find where I go to enter the second chance drawing for the 5X The Cash Game. Guidance? NC Lottery
Sure. Sorry you had a frustrating experience. Click on the "Enter" icon on your dashboard. You need to click on your username for your dashboard to appear. There you will find a page where you can enter Lucke-Rewards drawings.

3/11/2018 06:59 - Mike S.

LZ - how many entries were in the first and second Extreme Millions second chance drawings and how many entries are in the current drawing? NC Lottery
Hey, Mike. Here you go. For drawing, Jan. 3, 2018 - 1,395,919; for drawing, May 3, 2017 - 1.035,178. So far for next drawing, 382,037.

3/10/2018 11:33 - roscoe s.

will there be another $ 30.00 ticket coming soon ? If so when. NC Lottery
After Ultimate Millions ends this month, the lottery is still offering Extreme Millions as a $30 scratch-off. No plans to announce yet on when a new $30 ticket will be available.

3/10/2018 09:47 - Leander Y.

Why when i enter "50x" the Cash tickets,it doed not register in the 2nd Chance Game???? Has this part denoted on the ticket been completed/expired???? NC Lottery
Sorry for your trouble. Please call our Customer Service at 1-855-767-1863. [/url]

3/10/2018 02:56 - Regina D.

How do I scan my tickets Thanks NC Lottery
You can scan your ticket using the N.C. Lottery Official Mobile App. Learn more here.

3/10/2018 11:24 - Tasha T.

why do I cont to have a Hard time finding where to use points for a 2nd try at winning & waiting to hit it big and start my Dream I'm ready to start living the dream.. NC Lottery
Hey, Tasha. You'll get used to our new website soon. Go to you dashboard by clicking on your username after signing in. Then click on the "Enter" icon and that will let you pick the Lucke-Rewards drawing you would like to enter by using your points. For a second-chance drawing, you are automatically entered into those as soon as you enter or scan your ticket with a second-chance drawing on it. Good luck on living the dream.

3/10/2018 07:11 - Bernice S.

Thank you

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