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Big Money Super Ticket means big points

April 11, 2018 Posted by NC Lottery at 3:46 PM

We’re giving you another opportunity to multiply your Lucke-Rewards points.  Starting April 11, you’ll get 10X the points when you enter a Big Money Super Ticket. That means instead of getting at least 10 points, you’ll get a least 100 points. But, it only lasts until May 31.

The Big Money Super Ticket still has some big prizes left. There’s one $1 million prize and two $20,000 prizes. There are also thousands of smaller prizes still out there.

Enjoy your extra points!


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4/17/2018 08:08 - Mike S.

Good Golly Miss Molly - Rewards/2nd Chance has produced a 6 time, a 4 time, 2 - 3 time and 3 - 2 time repeat winners and we're only half way through the month of April. LZ - the retailer who asked me about the Holiday Millionaire being pulled has ~80 slots for scratch offs so I don't think they removed HM tickets for the new ones.

4/15/2018 11:30 - Myrtle L.

I believe that you should be able to enter more than 75 a day. Maybe they could fix it where you could enter more tickets in two hours every time you have reach your limit. I have so many left over start discarding them to the trash. NC Lottery
Hi Myrtle, thanks for your thoughts on ticket entry. At this time, 75 tickets per day is the amount that is approved by the Lottery Commission. Setting daily limits is also part of our responsible gaming initiatives.

4/13/2018 05:15 - William D.

ok, liked the how to play with each odd of winning, But would like to see a running odd change as the prizes are won. Amount of prizes change with the odds of winning changing too. Please pass that on, Thank you. NC Lottery
Thanks for your comment, our web team reads this blog and always appreciates player feedback on how to improve our site.

4/13/2018 11:22 - Denver G.

I am just as disappointed & disheartened as everyone else that did not win anything on 04/04. But there were only 75 lucky winners out of 800k members. Per LZ..Here are the number of entries in the different drawings: -Lucky Green-over 1.3 million entries -$1,000 Quick Cash over 260,000 entries -Jeep drawing over 124,000 entries -The Walking Dead over 85,000 entries -Multiply The Cash over 9.9 million entries -$25,000 Dream Makeover, over 128,000 entries.

4/13/2018 08:05 - Denver G.

WOW, now just how does one person acquire 75 tickets a day, everyday? Even at $1 a ticket that would be $525 a week. Having that many tickets to scan a day is the opposite of funny.

4/13/2018 12:01 - Shika J.

I enter 75 tickets every night like clockwork,I have been doing it for quite some time now. I never won nothing yet. ???? on another note why only 75 a night?? I have so many tickets to scan it's not funny! Nc lottery are ya'll ever gonna raise the # of tickets we can scan in a day??? NC Lottery
Good morning, Shika. No plans in the works to change that limit. It's part of our responsible play efforts. It creates a bit of a break for anyone who is accumulating that many tickets in a day. The lottery tries to design its games and promotion so that people play for fun and so folks play responsibly.

4/12/2018 10:51 - Cheryl P.

Entered 4Big Money tickets @11:24-11:30am on 04/11/18 NC Lottery
Thanks for additional info, Cheryl P. That would be the answer. The lottery didn't start the 10X The Points promotion for the Big Money ticket until the afternoon. So tickets entered in the morning would not have received the extra points.

4/12/2018 04:11 - William D.

checked a few odds and have found the average odds of winning anything are between one(1) in (3 or 4). and the high one is the lots of 10,000 which is one in nine more or less. So it would be nice if there could be a running odd section on the site of the card like they show the running prizes left. Just an idea to pass along. Just my thought it would make a lot of people happy and another way they might pick certain cards to play. NC Lottery
Thanks for the feedback, William D. We do post with each Instant Game page a link to "How To Play and Odds" info. Is that helpful to you?

4/12/2018 12:53 - Dennis C.

People disappoint me. They buy these tickets without even looking at the odds. That card is the fastest seller in NCEL history, yet one of the worse odds of any card ever. Fascinating, to say the least.

4/12/2018 11:08 - Cheryl P.

I entered 4 Big Money tickets in second chance on 04/11/18 but received only 10 points. NC Lottery
Hey, Cheryl. Do you remember what time you entered your tickets? Perhaps you entered them before the promotion started. Let us know. {/reply]

4/12/2018 07:52 - Mike S.

William D., they are pulling the Holiday Millionaire cards from retailers in my area. A clerk at one of the stores where I shop even asked me why they were pulling the cards. I can't answer since there is ~21% of prizes $1k and above remaining, 2 of the 3 $1M prizes still out there with over 660,000 unsold tickets, unless NCEL is using this game to pad their pockets. NC Lottery
Hey, Mike. You would need to ask the managers at the store about why he stopped selling the game. Perhaps they needed room for the new $10 game. Holiday Millions is still for sell and retailers can still order it. It is a holiday game and so it will be ending shortly. Looking forward to see who wins those top prizes that haven't been claimed.

4/12/2018 06:20 - Mike S.

Interesting. Only 19% of the prizes remain, sales are only around 9,000 per day and only 1 top prize remains so why waste advertising and programming resources as well as players time since you'll pull this game shortly?

4/11/2018 06:17 - Brian S.

I can have 80 entries in a drawing and still lose. I'm barely scan my tickets now for the points.

4/11/2018 06:15 - William D.

be Nice to add the ($10.00 X-mas card) to the list of X-tra points. How about it Lucke-Zone? Always love it when you give more than what you say. Oh Yea, on some of those $5 cards I got up to 250 points, Way to go.

4/11/2018 04:25 - Jack W.

Yea every body run out and make the nc lottery richer for 100 point. What a joke

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