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Saturday errands take Oxford woman to $200,000 lottery prize

September 12, 2018 Posted by NC Lottery at 11:56 AM

A Saturday run for errands set Elaine Pettiford of Oxford on a course that led to a $200,000 lottery prize.

Pettiford’s errands took her to the Rite Aid on Trade Street in Henderson where her good luck hit.

“I don’t normally play scratch-offs,” Pettiford said. “I like the draw games.”

But the new $200,000 Back Scratch ticket caught her eye, so she bought one to go with her Powerball and Cash 5 tickets. She didn’t scratch the ticket until early the next morning.

“I was shocked! I didn’t believe it,” Pettiford said.

She went to wake up her husband, who confirmed what she saw.

“He looked at it and told me ‘that’s real’, but it didn’t feel real until now,” Pettiford said as she received her “Big Check”.

Pettiford, who works as an administrative assistant, traveled to lottery headquarters in Raleigh on Tuesday to claim her prize. After required state and federal tax withholdings, she took home $141,003.

“I am going to pay off some bills,” Pettiford said. “And buy a new phone, my phone is old!”

The $200,000 Back Scratch game began this month with four top prizes of $200,000. Two remain to be claimed. Tickets in the Back Scratch family range from $1 to $10 and offer top prizes from $10,000 to $1 million. If a player turns any of the tickets over, they’ll find up to five more chances to win.


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9/16/2018 10:18 - Roslyn K.

Start a lottery pool with friends, family, or co workers, you will save money!

9/13/2018 11:26 - antonio b.


9/12/2018 05:59 - Denver G.

That's funny LZ. All I did was cut & paste his comment where he insulted JP Potts and his children. Only then did you edit his comment. It should never have been posted. Way too often you guys let racist anti white comments get posted, it needs to stop! Of course when someone wins big they think of themselfs and there children. NC Lottery
Hey Denver, You are correct, blog moderators posted the original comment because we wanted to have the opportunity to respond to the player. In hindsight, it should have been removed as it violated our community standards. Thank you for pointing it out to us. We appreciate your comments and will work to be more thorough.

9/12/2018 05:08 - Michael R.

Send me some rolls of tickets I'll take all I can scratch

9/12/2018 04:02 - Gloria L.


9/12/2018 01:35 - Denver G.

FROM A PREVIOUS BLOG.9/11/2018 06:11 - marcus d. " My question is how does these same people keep winning rich white people in rich areas. Thinking about themselves and children college funds." MARCUS, HOW VERY RUDE OF YOU!!! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS MAN AND HIS FAMILY TO MAKE SUCH A STATEMENT. NC Lottery
Hey there Denver, We wanted to let you know that we removed some language from your comment as it goes against our community standards. As a reminder, our goal is to keep our page a place where everyone feels encouraged to share stories and ask questions. Please remember that we want to keep our discussion positive and on-topic. Here's a link to our community standards:

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