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Lottery partnership brings new computer lab to Boys and Girls Club

January 16, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 1:39 PM

Every day the lottery works to raise money for education in North Carolina. And now, thanks to a lottery partnership, students in Aberdeen are getting the tools they need to succeed.

IGT is one of our partners. They provide the technology that helps us offer fun and exciting games. This week, they unveiled a new computer lab at the Boys and Girls Club of the Sandhills in Aberdeen.

The computer lab includes 25 IdeaPad Chromebooks, 1 Dell Laptop, 1 Interactive Whiteboard, 2 Dell Desktops, a printer, and a charging cart.

Not every child has access to a computer after school. The lab is designed to help meet that need so students can succeed with homework and studying.

This is the seventh computer lab IGT has donated in North Carolina.

It’s partnerships like this one that help the lottery raise more than $650 million a year for education in the state. That money goes to all of North Carolina’s 100 counties. Last year, Moore County received $4.7 million of that funding.



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1/28/2019 10:20 - DL H.

Great things happen because of the NCEL. Awesome story

1/20/2019 09:05 - Angie F.

At Paul G..Amen. Try some people winning 4..5..6 times. I see it SO OFTEN. I've been entering (have entered over 500,000 points) to not win ONE THING.

1/19/2019 10:41 - olethia b.

I still trying to learn how to play the game. Do you have to have for the second chance drawing any kind of the second drawing tickets? I have many points. I just don’t know how to enter them. Any advice would be appreciated. NC Lottery
Hi Olethia, whenever you scan a ticket with our app you get some points that you can use to enter Lucke-Rewards drawings. Certain tickets also have Second-Chance opportunities. When you scan or enter a ticket that has a Second-Chance drawing you will automatically get an entry into that drawing. You can see which tickets have a Second-Chance drawing coming up soon on our promotions page. Right now, that includes the Multiply The Cash suite of tickets, the Holiday tickets, the Colossal Cash ticket and Extreme Millions ticket.

1/19/2019 10:15 - Denver G.

To PAUL G. No worries, you can still scroll thru past drawings to see the past winners, if that's what floats your boat. Frankly, I could care less about past or repeat winners. If it makes you feel better, I have been entering every drawing they have ever had since 2012. I have only won one for $500 back in 2013. It cracks me up that some of the players think their names will suddenly appear on the winners list like magic. It is clearly stated in the rules. If your name is chosen , you will be sent an email. You have 30 days to respond. Then & only then will you see your name on the winners list. I hope I win this year.

1/19/2019 07:00 - Mike S.

Well looky there. The dashboard is updating correctly and the Lucke-Rewards page is finally fixed - Thanks. Now to put the total entries on the drawings. You already have the script because you get a weekly report that you use to give us totals when someone asks in a blog. Add that field to the drawings pages and run it daily to update the totals just like the scratch offs are updated daily, no need for a live update. It's simple and gives players an understanding of what their odds are when determining where to use their points or deciding whether to buy more second chance tickets.NC Lottery
Hi Mike, we appreciate the feedback, and we'll pass this on to web team. We're always looking to improve the functionality of our site and suggestions like these help us as we work on new web releases.

1/18/2019 04:13 - Paul G.

I'm not sure why the listing of closed drawings bothered other players. I personally find it interesting to scan through previous winners and see how often I can find repeat winners. I've been playing for almost 2 years and have not been chosen once. Yet I see some people who have won twice or three times during the same time period. I'm still trying to understand what their secret to winning at Second Chance is. When thousands of people enter each drawing, I find it unusual that certain people seem to be so very lucky. There must be an algorithm I don't tap into.

1/18/2019 02:15 - Denver G.

Hey LZ & Mike S. My draws count is now about as accurate as it's gonna be. It says 6, I am in all 4 of the current 2nd chance & in the happy 2019. I guess they are still counting the Dazzling Dec as current since it is still showing up. Good job LZ.

1/17/2019 11:35 - Denver G.

Mike, that's not what I'm talking about. Mine says 13 above the draw tab, but I am only in 5 current drawings. The happy 2019 & the 4 current 2nd chance drawings. What I'm talking about is when you click on "enter", all the old lucky rewards drawings are still there, they just say Drawings Closed. Maybe if the LZ would clear them out the Active drawings would up date & be correct. Just a thought.

1/17/2019 08:25 - NC Lottery

@MIKE S.: Hey Mike, We hear you. Our website does not have the current capability to have a running total of drawing entries as those numbers are updating constantly as people scan and enter their tickets. We encourage players to ask for updated totals here on the blog as we are happy to share. We are always evolving to try and better meet our players needs, and we appreciate your patience in the meantime. Regarding your dashboard reporting incorrectly, please give our online support team a call at 1-855-767-1863 so they can look into it. Finally, if you email your question to, we will work to identify who could best address your concerns and connect you with them. Thanks!

1/17/2019 06:01 - Mike S.

DG - this is the same issue I've pointed out over and over. The script is not running correctly to change the status of the game from Active to Expired. The 2nd Chance tab works as it should. Also the Draws on the dashboard is still reporting incorrectly, mine has been showing 20 draws forever and I only have maybe 3 active draws I'm entered in. And people keep asking for running entry totals in the Rewards and 2nd Chance drawings but NCEL refuses to accommodate customers' requests. Not sure if it's incompetence or NCEL just likes to poke us in the eye. BTW where can I get the IT Director's email address?NC Lottery
Hey Mike, See our reply above!

1/16/2019 11:39 - Denver G.

Hey LZ, can you have your web guys clean up the draws page? When you click enter and scroll down you still have contests saying "drawing closed" dated all the way back to June of 2018.NC Lottery
Sorry about that! We've let our web folks know and they will clear that out soon.

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