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Check your tickets! A Cash 5 jackpot is about to expire

February 8, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 8:12 AM

We need your help to find the winner of a $100,000 Cash 5 jackpot before it expires on Friday, Feb. 22.

The ticket from the Aug. 26 drawing was sold at the Hillsborough Family Fare on N.C. 86 in Hillsborough.

Here are the winning numbers:


If you, or someone you know, buys Cash 5 tickets in Hillsborough, please double check them. Players have 180 days to claim draw game prizes. To claim this prize, the winner must bring the ticket to lottery headquarters in Raleigh by 5 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 22. 

It takes a lot of luck to win a prize like this, and we want to make sure the winner doesn’t miss out.
So please, help us spread the word!


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2/26/2019 09:50 - NC Lottery

@JENNIE H.: Thanks for sharing your experience, Jennie. We wish you the best of luck!

2/26/2019 09:40 - jennie h.

This is to all the players that complain every day about everything. This is all a matter of luck. If you think it's fixed and you hate that people win more than once then stop entering. I used to go to bingo with a friend all the time. We had the same odds of winning, well she won jackpots, she won a car, she won something every week and I didn't. It's all a matter of luck. Stop being so negative and posting such rotten comments on here. NC lottery, I enjoy the chances that you give us to play. I've never won the second chance drawings but I won't give up until I do, but I won't be complaining about it. Some states that I have lived in don't even give players second chance drawings. Congratulations to all the winners out there, even the repeat winners. Lol

2/19/2019 07:40 - Meghan O.

Where to

2/16/2019 02:20 - donna b.

i got locked out for 24 hrs. said i had to many incorect numbers i have to type mine in on a home computer, i dont think thats fair at all. not everyone has a smart phone to scan them onNC Lottery
Sorry to hear that, Donna. We can certainly understand your frustration. Please give our online support team a call at 1-855-767-1863 so that they can take a look.

2/15/2019 06:08 - Kelty M.

How are second chance winners notified,Email or by phone? NC Lottery
We first attempt to reach out to winners via email. But, if we don't receive a response, we will follow up with a phone call and will even send a certified letter.

2/13/2019 02:06 - Tatiana D.

DL H., thank you very much for your response. Congratulations on your repeated win! Enjoy your blessing. If you don't mind me asking, how many entries you had in the drawings-for Holiday cash and the other?

2/11/2019 09:44 - Lorene R.

When do you do second chance drawing on the date of the drawing? What time in the AM or the PM??NC Lottery
Hi Lorene, There is no set time during the day that we conduct the second-chance drawings. Winners are typically contacted within 48 hours of that day.

2/11/2019 07:30 - greg s.

our new strategy. ten of us putting our tickets together to get more chances and dump all entries at once .

2/11/2019 10:04 - Tatiana D.

I have a question for people who participate in second chance point drawings. Do you accumulate a large number of points and put it all in one drawing or enter every month with smaller number of points? I accumulated a lot of points right now and don't know what would be the best strategy.

2/11/2019 12:00 - Richard N.

I really hope they didnt lose there ticket because i would have already claimed my ticket. I been trying so hard to win with my entries but i guess i dont have that many cause i do buy all my tickets and not use one people throw away but i never get emails on the drawing results but GOOD LUCK on the people that try really hard and CONGRATS on the WINNERS!

2/10/2019 07:38 - Tony T.

@Arvin looks like you too have been a repeat winner and I congratulate you and DLH, you both had some nice wins ( each winning 1OK plus) and the wins were very close together in both your cases. Sure, win 10K then you can afford to buy a lot of tickets to enter here, got that. However,( again) IMO there should be a LIMIT to the number of entries each one of us can enter PER drawing on a daily basis. That would LEVEL the playing field for all of us, especially the ones who BUY tickets and support the education lottery and don't get them for free by dumpster diving or being retailer employees who use customers tickets that don't participate here. MOST online sweeps have daily entry limits, don't think that's too much to ask of here.

2/10/2019 03:38 - Evelyn J.

On second chance drawings, do you have to have your scratch off ticket to claim prize? I throw mine away after entering. NC Lottery
Hi Evelyn- You do not need to keep your scratch-off tickets. If you win, you'll get an official email from us that you will print off and bring to the claim center along with the necessary identification.

2/10/2019 05:38 - Stephen R.

Hey Tony T , I think you are right on with the random name generator. So if people like us who give the lottery bad feed back and may have caught on to the scam they put are name in a black list of names that will never get picked .. But people are checking names !NC Lottery
Hi Stephen, We don't have a blacklist and no not ban people from winning if they share negative opinions. We appreciate having the opportunity here on the blog to listen and learn from our players so that we can continue to improve.

2/10/2019 05:14 - DL H.

@Tatiana,Tony-We’ve never won a thing all our life We save our tkts even 50cent Pick3s & scan our points.This is a true blessing We play tkts with 2nd chance options.To win after what we’ve been through is an amazing thing SO grateful.We’ve met 2 people that win big nonstop with dollar tkts.It’s a game of chance.Play for fun/responsibly/save your tkts for Luckie Rewards/2d Chance Sad to see the awful comments.We always visit the blog to congratulate and encourage and we hope you are all the next winners We are moving back home soon(combat injury)and are grateful for our time in NC and had fun playing NCEL.The NCEL team are great people! Enjoyed supporting the good NCEL does.Anyone can win and not just once.We couldn’t believe it either but miracle happen.Turn the negative thinking to works! Thanks Denver Best wishes for a 2d win to Arvin/ PS check email spam folder.that’s where we found our email notification.Not sure why but it went to spam.Always check. Good luck to all

2/09/2019 06:37 - Barbara E.

Im hoping it was not me because I travel that way a lot but did not check my tickets

2/09/2019 05:32 - Roderick P.

Hi, how many entries for extreme millions second chance? NC Lottery
Hi Roderick, as of this week there are over 419,000 entries.

2/09/2019 04:02 - Sandra B.

Can you please tell me how do you see the winners or the ability to check if you'd at least won!? The stories of same people winning are irritating NC Lottery
Sandra- You can see winners of second-chance and Lucke-Rewards drawings by going to the "Draw" icon on your user dashboard. Uncheck the my entries box and make sure you select "All" in the dropdown menu. Keep in mind winners names are not posted until they claim.

2/09/2019 03:54 - arvin j.

To ALL second chance winners congrats. I save all my non winning tickets to offset my winning taxes as a gambling loss. I do see repeat winners which makes me excited to know I can be a repeat winner also.

2/09/2019 03:06 - Chester W.

I lost again on the second chance. Oh well. Is anyone having problems with the app? why is it I am not getting the drawings results by email? Maybe this is why I can't be notified of any winnings? NC Lottery
Hi Chester-We're sorry you're having issues with the App. If you call 1-855-767-1863 someone should be able to help you.

2/09/2019 11:43 - Denver G.

Hey LZ.The Multiply the Cash second-chance drawing had a total of 10,055,811 entries, the Holiday second-chance drawing had 4,652,031 entries, and the Happy 2019 Lucke-Rewards drawing had 1,536,526 entries. Okay so we know the total entries. And we know there were 86 total winners drawn on 02/06 for the 2 lucke-rewards drawings & two 2nd chance drawings. My question is how many "players" entered each contest?? Was it 500? 5,000? 50,000 or 500,000?? You say you have 1 million members, But how many are active?? HOW MANY PLAYERS ACTUALLY ENTERED AT LEAST ONE ENTRY IN THESE LAST FEW CONTESTS?? NC Lottery
Hey Denver, We don't have those numbers on-hand. We encourage you to send that question to so that someone can work get that to you. As for how many active players we have, there are just over 1 million active members who regularly enter drawings. Our total number of online members (active and non-active) is right around 1.2 million.

2/09/2019 10:50 - Evette W.

Am so tired of trying to win anything seem like my luck just not good enough as many entries I put in

2/09/2019 10:06 - Tatiana D.

DL H., I noticed that you won Holiday Cash drawing twice. In the first one you won $10,000, and in the second-$500. How is this possible? Can you, please, enlighten us? There are hundreds of thousands of entries. The chance of winning the same drawing two times in a row is very slim. Did you buy a lot of tickets?

2/09/2019 08:55 - Dorothy B.

That is very kind of you to post this message, and the photo of the purchase location. Blessings of Love.

2/09/2019 08:51 - Tony T.

I see several REPEAT winners in the holiday second chance drawing and all the winners aren't even posted yet in that or the other drawings from 2/06/ yet. (ctrl+f) some names and they'll come up. There’s gotta be something wrong with the drawing and/or entering process here. Is it that MANY people continue to " game the system" with hundreds of thousands of entries/points per drawing from tickets that they get free of charge from the trash or by being a retailer employee? Or, could it be RNG (supposed to mean Random NUMBER generator) is really a Random "NAME" generator & some names are getting stuck in the system once they win once? NC Lottery
The RNG assigns each entry a random number and then the RNG picks one of the random numbers, there are no names input into the RNG. The RNG used for our drawings is independently certified and the lottery undergoes a biennial security audit to ensure we are following best practices to ensure fairness to all players.

2/08/2019 11:35 - Michael R.

Where is that store NC Lottery
It's the Hillsborough Family Fare on N.C. 86 in Hillsborough

2/08/2019 05:22 - william p.

Thanks Denver G.for letting everybody know. I was getting ready to post the same thing. DL Hayden Camp Lejeune NC your one very lucky guy.

2/08/2019 05:14 - Stephen R.

Hey ! Denver G . I sure would like to know how he does it also , cannot be just luck !

2/08/2019 05:04 - Stephen R.

What is the best way to enter for the second chance drawings to win ? Do I hold my tickets to the very last day to enter or what ? I have tried so many times to win at the second chance drawings give me some idea how to enter my tickets getting really frustrated. NC Lottery
Hi Stephen- It doesn't matter when tickets are entered. The chances of winning don't change.

2/08/2019 03:21 - Denver G.

Dang DL H. that's 3 straight months now you have won in a drawing !!!!

2/08/2019 02:52 - Art R.

Praying that the winner will hear/read this.NC Lottery
Thank you, Art! If you know anyone in the area, we encourage you to help spread the word, too!

2/08/2019 02:19 - DL H.

Praying they find the winner of this ticket :-). Best wishes!

2/08/2019 09:11 - cheryl c.

wow I know youre not going to let this ticket expire come on hillsborough check your tickets ,I know I would have been there the nesxt day.get on down to the office.

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