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May drawings are all about the cash

April 30, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 10:18 AM

May drawings are all about the cash: $500 Quick Cash; $5,000 in Cookout Cash; and a $50,000 prize in our second Multiply the Cash second-chance drawing.

First up, you’ve got four chances to win in the $500 Quick Cash drawings. That’s cash that will make someone’s week, each week, in May. The first drawing is scheduled for Wednesday, May 8. Your deadline to enter is Sunday.

Hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, or steak? If you’re one of the five winners in our Cookout Cash drawing, you won’t have to choose. With $5,000 in cash, you can have them all, and more. The deadline for entries is May 31 and the drawing is scheduled for June 5.

We’re not done yet. Be sure to enter your Multiply the Cash tickets into the second 2019 Multiply the Cash second-chance drawing. All X the Cash tickets are eligible. Just enter them into Lucke-Rewards by May 31. And you’re all set. The June 5 drawing will award one $50,000 prize, eight $5,000 prizes, and 25 $500 prizes.

You still have time to win tickets to NASCAR races at Charlotte Motor Speedway in May with the Race Weekend Ticket Giveaway. Just head over to the Giveaway post on the lottery’s Facebook page, leave a comment on who your favorite NASCAR driver is, and you’ll be in the running for free tickets.

In all, the May promotions will award $129,500 in prizes to 45 winners. That’s a lot of cash.

Good luck!


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5/15/2019 05:33 - Sherry D.

Dana Patrick Rocks! Just wish I could be her shotgun rider one day until maybe I could live that same dream!! I like several drivers but NASCAR is my absolute favorite past time & love to see a female enjoying the sport & doing a fine job!! I'm starting over in life but not on social media so hoping I can enter here!! Just me now, thanks for opportunity!! VaRoom.....NC Lottery
Thanks for sharing your comment, Sherry. The NASCAR weekend promotion has ended, but keep an eye out for more coming in the future!

5/12/2019 06:37 - lisa p.

I've watched as hundreds of dollars were spent on scratchoffs this weekend and all of the money was lost except for a couple of breakeven prizes. Seven tickets in a row of the $30 tickets to win $40 on the seventh ticket. WOW!!! Luck plays no part when there's nothing to win! NC Lottery
Hello Lisa! We understand folks play for a chance to win, but not all lottery tickets can be winning tickets - that's where the prize money comes from!

5/09/2019 11:44 - Shawna W.

I know I have entered about 500 or more drawings most of them were for $20 and $30 $30 tickets and never won a thing. Entered from GA,and won a small one,they called and sent me a $50 check. I literally will have so many in per drawing,don't have a clue why I never won.Guess time to give up,guess just luck of the draw.NC Lottery
Sorry you aren't having more luck, Shawna. You're right--it really is the luck of the draw. Our drawings can have millions of entries with many players often submitting hundreds. But, it only takes one lucky entry to win. So while having more entries helps your odds, winning is never a guarantee. Best of luck to you, whatever you decide.

5/08/2019 05:13 - Vivian C.

I'm steady playing all games.second chance lottery and all.i hope i win one day..thanks for all the chances..good luck to everyone

5/06/2019 06:57 - Clay P.

Hello.So I entered a drawing and it’s the only drawing entry that has a message with #36 beside it. Does that mean that I may have won. Also, if my ticket is drawn how do I know if I might have won. You get sent email?NC Lottery
Hi Clay, We're not sure what you mean by #36. Could you share a bit more info? If your entry is drawn to win, you will receive an email notifying you!

5/04/2019 01:50 - Deborah C.

Ready for a Blessing

5/03/2019 08:03 - DL H.

May looks to be fun for NC lotto fans Good luck to all :-)

5/03/2019 11:09 - twana b.

Seem like I be playing the same numbers on cash & Powerball in New Bern for a while my fuel market store I buy from,no one has ever hit anything bigger than 500 or the pick 4. I think the put all the good tickets on the highway and all Powerball &cash 5 on highway cause our machine on Washington Post fuel market never win!!! NC Lottery
We don't control where winning tickets end up. With games like Powerball and Cash 5, players can pick their own numbers no matter where they are located. We wish every ticket could be a winner, but please remember that prize money comes from non-winning tickets. That's how a $1 ticket could win $10, $1,000 or even $1,000,000.

5/01/2019 08:54 - Craig L.

My favorite driver is True! Good luck everybody!

5/01/2019 08:36 - Paul G.

Hi! Question: I'll be traveling a good bit through the summer. Because I do things the "old-fashion" way, using a landline and not accessing e-mail, what happens if I get lucky? I'd hate that I've tried for years, and then miss the notification because I was away from my phone and home computer! Could I lose my lucky win?NC Lottery
Hi Paul, That's a great question. Our process of notifying winners involves first sending an email to the address on the winner's profile. If we don't hear back we will call and leave a voicemail. And finally if we still don't hear from the winner we will send a certified letter. We give winners 30 days from our first attempt to respond and claim their prize--we recommend making an effort to check those places when you can to make sure you haven't missed out on anything.

4/30/2019 10:15 - Elsie S.

NASCAR month great I need to win would make a great anniversary present for my husband who has never been to a race. XX my fingers for these tickets. "Kyle Bush" for sure!

4/30/2019 08:12 - Melissa C.

Would be a blessing in this struggling world. Good luck everyone.

4/30/2019 11:08 - claudia p.

thank you i sure hope i am one of them

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