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Veteran wins lottery twice, plans to make 30-year-old dream come true

March 20, 2018 Posted by NC Lottery at 3:32 PM

Just five weeks after winning a $100,000 lottery prize, Michael Buinicky of Charlotte scratched his way to a $750,000 prize.

“I can’t believe how lucky I am,” Buinicky said. “It’s really surreal.”

Buinicky’s first round of good luck happened on Feb. 9 when he won $100,000 playing the 100X The Cash scratch-off game. Luck hit a second time when the Air Force veteran stopped by the Harris Teeter on Matthews Township Parkway in Matthews.

“I got a Jumbo Bucks ticket from the vending machine,” Buinicky explained. “I’ve always liked that ticket. I started scratching and saw the ‘34’ and ‘34’. I thought, ‘Wait a minute. That’s the top prize.’ I put the ticket under the scanner and it said, ‘Go to headquarters’ and I knew I’d won.”

He claimed the prize Monday at lottery headquarters in Raleigh. After required state and federal tax withholdings, he took home $528,760. The first time Buinicky won, he used the money to help his son with graduate school and his daughter buy her first home. This time, he plans to use some of the money to make his 30-year-old dream come true.

“I’ve always wanted to restore a muscle car,” Buinicky said. “I’m going to get a 66 Corvette and fix it up. I can see it now. It’s going to be amazing.” 

A new version of the $10 ticket launched in January. Buinicky is the first player to win the top prize of $750,000. Seven top prizes remain.



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4/13/2018 04:28 - Daniel N.

Ya all better never come to Ohio to play aka the nations lottery star. We’re happy when people win no matter where in the state. Also look up how many winners are left of each ticket that can help. I’ve seen $29 scratch offs have around 1700 $500 winners left and some have upwards of 80000 $500 winners left. Also remember The lottery is a business and the smartest business move for them is for people all around the state to talk about how much money they won whole the worst business move the agency could make would be anything leading to rumors about how you can only win Big in certain areas that would be horrible for business

3/22/2018 09:02 - Richard G.

Won 50.00 other day. Hope to be as lucky as this veteran soon. Until then I will keep entering non-winners on LuckEZone. Good job veteran. Very happy for you.

3/20/2018 09:12 - Desmond B.

Im an avid scratch off buyer and every time I read the blog its always someone from the western areas of Nc that's winners when will the top prizes come to the eastern district. Maybe one day my dream will come true especially when i buy the whole roll at times. I will not give up because i know my time is coming soon!

3/20/2018 08:46 - Torrence S.

Congratulations but I think this is set up for the western parts! I've been searching off for years and never seen a major hit it my area

3/20/2018 06:49 - charles e.

Congrats Mike, good for you.It's nice to hear that someone has beat the odds.

3/20/2018 01:09 - Tonavis S.

I made a comment on this winner 5 weeks ago. Congratulations, first of all! That is what I'm talking about with these scratch off tickets. They are more chances of coming across winning tickets in the western part of the nc areas than the eastern areas. Anytime a player can win big of a scratch off in a 5 week period that's proof in itself. Plus, he's not the only one to do that two other women up that way did the same thing back to back. Yea, these tickets are random all right! Congratulations to the winner again though good for you.

3/20/2018 11:04 - dylan t.

Congratulations! Nice to read you are getting to live out your dream. Very deserving especially to know you initially put your children before yourself. Also, thank you for your service.

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