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Don't Let Your Chance Pass You By!

March 26, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:11 PM

What would happen if you opened your email and found out you won $100? $500? Or, just what if, you had a cool $50,000 sitting in your bank account? Good news! You still have six days to enter our Lucke-Rewards and second-chance drawings.

After the April 3rd drawing, we’ll have 239 happy winners with one lucky player snagging $50,000. The only question you have to ask yourself is: Will I be one of them?

Luckily for you, there are three ways to win cash:


  • 5 Win Quick Cash is our weekly Lucke-Reward drawing. In just one month, we’ve awarded 4 winners with a prize of $100 each. Even if you’ve missed out on the last few wins, you can use your points in our 5th and final drawing! Each 10 points used gets you one entry into the drawing.
  • You can enter our monthly drawing, Lucky Cash Dash, with 20 points per entry and use as many entries as you have points! With 200 players winning $500 each, this might be worth the ‘dash’.
  • 2019 Multiply The Cash second-chance drawing is where you can make a lot happen. New shoes. College fund. New car. Home renovation. You choose! Instead of points, you enter your 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, and 50x The Cash instant ticket code into your Lucke Rewards account. You’re automatically entered into the drawing that will feature one $50,000, eight $5,000, and twenty-five $500 prizes.

You have until midnight on Sunday, March 31st to enter. Dreaming about all the ways to win is fun but make sure to go here and enter your points or tickets. Don’t have a Lucke Rewards Account? Get moving! If chosen for any of the cash prizes, you’ll be notified after April 3rd.

Life is full of possibilities. Don’t miss out on this one!


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6/18/2019 08:47 - Katrina R.

How do I register my 2nd Chance game I've already registered with the website but I don't see where to enter my ticket for the 15 time crossword 2nd Chance gameNC Lottery
Hi Katrina, all you need to do to is go to the website, then click name and then select the collect page. Once here you simply enter in your ticket information or if using the app scan the ticket for points and you will be automatically entered into the drawing.

5/30/2019 12:00 - Kimberly F.

Hello, I have a question. After a person wins a lucke reward drawing or a 2nd chance drawing are they unable to win again? Are there any restrictions? If you notify winners by email, are their (winners) emails put into a pool that allows the NCEL to know that they were previous winners?NC Lottery
Great question, Kimberly. Having good luck in one drawing does not disqualify a player from having good luck again in another drawing! You are, however, only eligible to win once per drawing. Hope this helps!

4/10/2019 10:58 - NC Lottery

@OLIN S.: Sorry to hear you haven't been having more luck, Olin. We can assure you that winning a big prize doesn't disqualify you from being able to win again. The truth is, it takes a lot of luck to win a prize of any size. We wish you all the best.

4/10/2019 10:38 - olin s.

Just seems like PCH I guess I enter about as much as anyone for years and never have I won...I have won 3 scratch offs of 1,000 over the years and often wonder if I am over looked because I was lucky enough to have won by a scratch off I have spent a lot of money through the years and still do not like break evens or The second chance drawings (guess because i have not won )but fell my odds of winning would be better without either being I spend the money for the tickets,and I wonder how many winners work at a store where they or a friend enter all the tickets that go in the Trash can .....It is the only game in town keep scratching.I also get frustrated when about every other month a big winner comes out before the TICKETS ever hit my area.......only the LORD knows pot luck???NC Lottery
Hi Olin, Please see our reply above.

4/10/2019 12:14 - sharon w.

When y'all send a email to notify ppl, what is the name used to say where it is fromNC Lottery
Hi Sharon, If a player wins a prize from a second-chance or Lucke-Rewards drawing, a member of our Prize Validation team will send an email to the address listed on the player's account. The email will come from an address that ends in " ".

4/08/2019 10:41 - Kevin D.

Hi, I was wondering if there is a winners list for the 2nd chance drawing held on 4/3/19? I have been anxiously waiting to hear something to see if I won a prize after having 1500+ entries and being a faithful lottery participant and can’t find a thing online or anywhere. Does anyone know anything? I hate to say I had a good feeling about this drawing, but I really did. Lord knows I and so many others can use a little hit! NC Lottery
Hi there Kevin! Our team is in the process of notifying the winners now. Due to the high volume of winners being notified players can expect it to take a little bit longer than normal, so please continue to keep an eye on your email. As winners claim their prizes, we will update the Draws page with their information.

4/06/2019 07:11 - Christopher T.

Hello. I have 2629 votes for second chance but i am on android so i dont know if winners have been notified yet. I was just wonderig if they have been displayed yet and im just not seeing it? NC Lottery
Hi Christopher- Winners names will not be posted until they come to claim a prize. Because of the high volume of winners, we are still completing the notification process for this last drawing. All of the winners should be notified in the next few days.

4/04/2019 11:54 - Kathryn T.

Have all the winners already been notified for the 2nd chance on multiply the cash? Thanks. NC Lottery
Good morning Kathryn, Due to the high volume of winners being notified from the Lucky Cash Dash drawing as well as the other drawings that took place on 4/3, players can expect a delay from the standard 48 hour notification period while our team works to notify everyone. We appreciate your patience!

4/03/2019 01:11 - ANTHONY B.

I have over 600 entries and I've emailed customer service 3 times where did my entries go and the drawing is todayNC Lottery
Hi Anthony, the Multiply the Cash Second Chance Drawing will occur today. Winners will be drawn later this afternoon and we'll begin contacting winners shortly after. Any Multiply the Cash tickets you may have entered or scanned through March 31 will have been entered into that drawing.

4/01/2019 11:25 - Danielle E.

Will this be my chance to win big? I'm counting on it. Happy winnings to all(and me). ;)

3/31/2019 06:38 - valerie a.

Not able to see my entries for the second-chance drawings. Why ? NC Lottery
If you go under the winners tab you'll see that there is a drop-down box by the 'Second Chance drawings' section and 'Lucke-Rewards drawings' section. If you choose 'My entries' you should be able to find information about what you've entered. If you are still having trouble, please call Customer Service at 1-855-767-1863.

3/31/2019 01:57 - Karen H.

I’m so excited for the drawings on 4/3 !!! I’ve been entering the second chance drawings for 5 yrs and I’ve never won so I’m ready for a win ??????????

3/28/2019 11:48 - Susan J.

How do I see if the lottery ticket I purchased yesterday won anything on second chance?NC Lottery
Hi Susan, Once you have scanned your ticket into your Lucke-Rewards account to be automatically entered into the second chance drawing, you should receive an entry confirmation. The drawings take place on specific dates and winners are notified via email within 48 hours of the draw day.

3/27/2019 11:15 - james p.

i hope i be one of the winners.

3/27/2019 08:30 - charles m.

If you live in Cleveland co. Do not play the 15x crossword Puzzle, cause they are a losing Game for this area.

3/27/2019 09:56 - Ann T.

I cannot find the link to enter the 2019 Multiply the Cash Second Chance drawing. NC Lottery
Hey there Ann! To enter the Multiply the Cash second-chance drawing, all you need to do is enter your Multiply the Cash scratch-off ticket for points. You can do this by clicking the "Collect" icon and then scanning the ticket. By doing that you will be automatically entered into the second-chance drawing. Hope this helps!

3/27/2019 08:43 - richard c.

Hoping For A Blessing NCL, I Have Been Entering So Many 2nd Chance Drawings, hopefully I Will Be Blessed With One Of The Drawing ??

3/27/2019 07:58 - John S.

Good luck everyone! Don’t forget to get your powerball tix!!! 800mill.

3/26/2019 11:28 - Georgeann B.

I know I'm going to win the lucky cash dash! I've entered so many drawings and no wins so far,but my locks about to change!!!

3/26/2019 05:47 - monica s.

My fingers are crossed!!! I’ve been playing since I turned 18 and have yet to have my big break, other than when I was 18 and won a top prize but got ripped off by a retailer, but that’s a story for another time.NC Lottery
We're wishing you good luck, Monica. In the future, if you ever see anything of concern to you at a lottery retailer, we encourage you to call our security division at 888-732-6235.

3/26/2019 04:50 - carolyn b.

Hi Carolyn, The winning Cash 5 ticket from Monday night's drawing was sold in Craven County. The numbers and letters you see at the bottom of your ticket just underneath the barcode is your Lucke-Rewards entry code. When entering tickets for points, you can either scan the barcode or manually enter that code. Let us know if you have any other questions!

3/26/2019 03:45 - Herman S.

The NCEL March Madness Money Giveaway is here. Did not do well with my College Basketball March Madness bracket. Hoping to go all the way with NCEL Lucky Dash Cash and 2019 Multiply The Cash drawings. NC Lottery
We're rooting for you, Herman!

3/26/2019 03:31 - William D.

just wondering. has anyone won a prize in each drawing at the same time yet? and are they allowed to win in different drawings on the same day?NC Lottery
Great question, William! That's not information we have on-hand, but you can always email to request a list of previous winners. Having good luck once doesn't disqualify a player from having good luck again--but, players are only eligible to win once per drawing. Hope this helps!

3/26/2019 03:26 - Sherian L.

LZ! Hey there! It seems that the Lucke Reaards option has disappeared as a choice from the drop down. Wasn’t quite sure if I was the only one. Second Chance is the only option right now. Thanks!NC Lottery
Hi Sherian, You're not the only one. Our web team is working on a fix now and we hope to have it back up very soon! But don't worry -- all of your entries are still there, the page is just not displaying correctly. We appreciate your patience!

3/26/2019 03:07 - Nicole R.

Good afternoon NCLottery, I can’t see my Lucky Rewards entries is something going on with the system? I can see my second chance!NC Lottery
Hey Nicole, Sorry about that! Your entries are still there. Our Draws page is having a little trouble displaying correctly today, but our web team is working on it and they hope to have it back up soon.

3/26/2019 02:21 - Gary C.

A LOT of people are going to be happy soon and I hope that I am one of them!!! This could really help people with their April 15th tax payments.NC Lottery
We've got our fingers crossed for you, Gary! Which drawing are you most excited about?

3/26/2019 01:56 - Gregory F.

I have been entering these second chance drawings for about 4 years have not won anything. Hopefully my luck will change I need a blessing real bad to help me out in my retirement.

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