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Meet the New Supreme

April 2, 2019 Posted by NC Lottery at 12:00 PM

What’s better than one game with four “Colossal” $10,000,000 prizes? Another larger-than-life game with four “supremely” sensational top prizes.

Supreme Riches slides into spring on First Tuesday and with it, a possible life-changing moment. The game offers you the chance at a life of your dreams with four prizes of $10,000,000 and six more of $1,000,000. The $30 scratch-off game also provides you with the potential to indulge in some of the 100,000 prizes ranging from $400 to $4,000.

You might be thinking, “Sounds great! What else is out there?” If you purchase a Supreme Riches ticket and have a Lucke-Rewards account, you can enter The Supreme Riches second-chance drawing for a $1 million prize.

You can enter by one of two ways:

  • Scan your ticket with our Lucke-Rewards mobile app
  • Manually enter on our website

Welcome to the Supreme Life!

Also, don’t forget that there are still Colossal Cash tickets out there with two top prizes of $10 million and nine prizes of $1 million remaining to be claimed. The dynamic duo that is Supreme Riches and Colossal Cash will create an additional 34 millionaires!

If you’re a smart cookie that likes puzzles, check out our $5 Bonus Crossword Cash instant game. There are three top prizes of $150,000 and $10.7 million in total prizes. The more words you find, the higher your cash prize.

Lucky 7 Bonus is our new $5 scratch-off game. With five chances at winning the top prizes set at $200,000, luck has never looked this good! Looking for an itch to scratch? Lucky 7 Bonus also comes with our very popular ‘back scratch’ feature giving you more chances to win.

If you can beat the dealer’s hand, take your chances with Blackjack, our $1 scratch-off ticket. You can potentially win one of ten top prizes of $2,100. The game offers $6 million dollar prizes.

$24,000 hangs in the balance in our $2 scratch-off game, 24K. The top prize will be awarded to five of you; but if you just miss the top spot, there are still lots of prizes to win!

Here’s a snapshot of all five games:

Game Name




Odds of winning

a top prize

Supreme Riches


1 in 2.90

1 in 3.21 million

Bonus Crossword Cash


1 in 3.96

1 in 1.04 million

Lucky 7 Bonus


1 in 4.22

1 in 1.05 million



1 in 4.50

1 in 960,000



1 in 4.81

1 in 672,000



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4/25/2019 02:16 - Shika J.

Thank you for fixing ticket checker & responding so promptly I really appreciate that ??????NC Lottery
We're happy to help!

4/24/2019 10:31 - Angie F.

Shika J...I had over 700 entries...won nothing. been entering for years..Nothing won

4/23/2019 08:33 - Shika J.

Dear Nc lottery go read your comments are people happy or no?? Nc robs us of everything, ya'll just not using a gun!! ??

4/23/2019 08:30 - Shika J.

Nc lottery can say what they want but there's no way I have close to over 300 entries & not win a thing if you are drawing 500 people. You guys need to go back to the drawing board with the lotto PERIOD don't seem like no one is happy with the odds. The customers are the reason that you exist correct me if I am wrong smh

4/23/2019 08:22 - Shika J.

Its ALWAYS something wrong with the ticket scanner!!! Why???NC Lottery
Sorry about that, Shika! Our app team believes to have fixed what was causing the ticket checker. Please try again and let us know if you run into any more trouble!

4/13/2019 08:11 - Lena H.

The $30.00 Supreme riches game seemingly is a is a fluke! My husband and I spent soooo much of money on these scratchoffs and we haven't won so much as $10.00. In addition, thr same applies for online playing. May opt out of the lottery altogether.

4/09/2019 09:10 - Angie F.

Exactly Charles..once the big prizes are won..all of the other prizes will be pulled due to players not playing any longer

4/06/2019 09:54 - Beverly R.

I'd rather see a 10 dollar ticket with better odds than a 30 dollar scratcher. Twenty bucks for one ticket is steep. Thirty bucks is way too much for one ticket especially given the odds.

4/06/2019 12:00 - Willie D.


4/05/2019 03:32 - Penny B.

I being entering my scratch off tickets in lucky rewards program and entering some of draws I been playing with rewards I think for about 2 years how long is before you actually win something and if there notify through email how does it show up on emailNC Lottery
It's important to remember that many of our Lucke-Rewards and second-chance drawings will often receive over a million entries. It takes a lot of luck to win a prize of any kind. Winners from these drawings will be notified in several ways. First, we will send an email, if we don't hear back we will follow up with a phone call and if necessary, we will send a certified letter.

4/04/2019 05:36 - jackie w.

My husband has bought way too many of these sorry tickets and the most that was won is a lousy $100.00. So much for this game and I challenge everyone to leave these tickets alone, you will lose your butt. Now I still an hearing so much about how you guys KNOW exactly where tickets are going and if this is not true then why are so many store owners saying when some of your people come in they are the ones talking about this, not my word but actual store owners. This is one sorry lottery, go to Virginia folks, better odds and less tax laws.NC Lottery
We can assure you that lottery ticket distribution is a controlled and secure process and the tickets are sent out at random. No one -- not even the lottery knows where the winning tickets are until they are claimed by the lucky player. It's just a matter of having a little good luck!

4/04/2019 02:17 - charles m.

Listen players the supreme has Less 1 million prizes and more Prizes of 400 - 4000 because after All top prizes are won the majority Of those prizes won't be paid out.

4/04/2019 02:11 - charles m.

When you talk about players Wanting a certain game this way Or that way ,which players are You referring to, because myself and Many others have not had such Conversation with the lottery Board.

4/03/2019 01:20 - Leslie B.

I agree with Wm. A. Used to be when you launched a new ticket, it was loaded with prizes. Not any more, I see.

4/03/2019 12:57 - William A.

Amen Charlotte, I’m glad I’m not the only that has notice the odds have been getting worse on all the tickets.

4/03/2019 10:24 - Marcus D.

Extreme millions: 22 1 mill prizes. Colossal: 16 1 mill prizes. Supreme? 6 1 mill prizes. Couple this with two straight ridiculous $20 tickets(1 mill top prize for $20? and then a $20 ticket with 0 1 mill 2nd prizes?) and the trend just gets worse and worse. NC Lottery
Hey Marcus, while the $300 Million Supreme Riches has fewer $1 million winning tickets, it has over 100,000 winning tickets between $400-$4,000. Those prize levels have many more winning tickets than either Colossal Cash or Extreme Millions. Our players have let us know they like when games have more meaningful prizes and we introduce games like $300 Million Supreme Riches to give players more choices when deciding what game to play.

4/03/2019 07:31 - William A.

What’s wrong with the lottery the odds keep getting worse not better as the lottery makes more and more! There’s nothing Supreme about this ticket? It has less 1 million dollar prizes and worse odds then both of the 30 dollar tickets out now!

4/02/2019 08:13 - Charlotte R.

Not impressed with the supreme. Why should I pay 30 dollars for overall mostly worse odds? Yes it is slightly better for the 10 million. But I am better off spending a dollar on cash five to try to win 100k than spending 30 dollars with far worse odds to win 100 k. And the odds to win a million are worse. I will skip the supreme

4/02/2019 03:55 - Randy R.

How many entries for the multiply the cash drawing for tomorrow?NC Lottery
Our latest count has the Multiply the Cash second-chance drawing at 17,444,117 entries. Good luck!

4/02/2019 03:13 - Randy R.

How many entries total are there for the cash dash drawing?NC Lottery
Hi Randy! The Lucky Cash Dash drawing has a total of 1,679,926 entries.

4/02/2019 03:05 - Sam L.

I swear I never buy the new tickets Again me and my dad we spend 600$ we got back only 140$ that’s it too much money I don’t how your deal with that I spend a lost money Every day

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